world of chances

Johana ( Joanna ) was once a normal 14 year old girl until the famous one direction band comes into her life and changes EVERYTHING !!!!!!


1. That rainy day

Johana"s pov
It was raining like crazy every drop of water falling and splashing you like crazy it felt like you were in a water park. It was freezing cold out side witch was weirded for Chula Vista whit this crazy weather on a Friday. I was the only person walking and worst of all I had forgotten my umbrella. Ahh starting to regret what I had told my mom in the morning when the weather was fine. I had figure that she would be and hour late for me as always because of my little sister I told her not to bother picking me up I so I told her I would walk not a very smart move. But It didn't really matter to me that it was raining I mean I loved the rain and when ever it came I would just enjoying it which would have worked out today but I was socking wet so I didn't really like it. As I was walking a small tour bus had stop and pulled over to me while these five handsome teenage boys the most famous boys witch are known as "One Direction". As soon as I saw them my heart skip a beat I was freaking out on the inside but on the out side I just seemed normal " well hello love it's to cold and rainy for you to be walking in this awful weather would you like a ride?" Liam said whit a worried voice " um sure" I responded sounding unsure."Wonderful !! Now come along before you get sick in this rain" Harry had called out smiling and opening the door. While zany was leading me to the little living room the rest of the boys following me behind we were all quite until Loui called out saying " so love what's your name ? And where should we drop you off ?" 
I had quickly responded " Johana (Joanna) and umm you just have to go all the way straight then turn left and there will be a neighbor hood I live the second house next to the public pool" whit a smile exposing my dimples at the top close to my eyes . They quickly laughed saying they had never seen dimples like mine and saying they looked cute making me blush Niall ran to the kitchen and quickly came back whit a bag of chips offering some I just nodded yes he quickly took of his jacket and gave it me I looked at him confuses " no it's okay Niall I am fine" " your crazy you are freezing I can here you shivering" I just sighted and replied "alright thanks" for the next couple mins we just talk for a little then we arrived at my house.

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