Perfectly Good Heart ~ One Direction

(previously known as dare to dream) Amber's parents have just gotten divorced, she's living with her mum and stepfather in a suburban house on the outskirts of London. She's had to move to an all girls school (but there's a boys school just separately) but that doesn't seem so bad when she meets an old childhood friend...
Why would you want to break a perfectly good heart?
Why would you want to take my love and tear it all apart?


3. School Part 2

"Niall James Horan" I whispered quietly. I new him when I was in Infant school (like reception - year 2/ ages 4-7) then he moved, he didn't say where..

I had a crush on him then and he was technically my first kiss..

Just realised he has dyed his hair blonde. It suits him.

He started waving, not at me but at the AstroTurf (fake grass thing). I realised he was waving at Sara.

I asked Amy who he was. She replied "Oh that's Niall, Sara's boyfriend. They've been dating for about.. 6 months, I think."

My heart sunk. I felt hurt. I don't know why, I haven't seen him since i was 7. I guess I still had feelings for him. Though I bet he's changed alot in 9 years.

~2 days Later~

Been home for about half and hour. I invited Amy round (even though we've known each other for less than a day) and there's a knock on the door. It's Harry, Niall and Sara. Me and Harry have gotten alot closer lately which is nice ;). Niall and I caught up yesterday when he went to Harry's and Sara well she's been well... A bitch. I can't explain what it is but she just has a horrible look on her face every time we see eachother. Like a sickly smile.

We all went to Starbucks. Harry was telling some dirty story (typical) but all I could think of was Niall. He had these amazing blue eyes. mmmm.... I think Sara noticed I was staring as she looked at me then snogged him.

"ooooooo" Harry said.

I laughed but it hurt.

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