Perfectly Good Heart ~ One Direction

(previously known as dare to dream) Amber's parents have just gotten divorced, she's living with her mum and stepfather in a suburban house on the outskirts of London. She's had to move to an all girls school (but there's a boys school just separately) but that doesn't seem so bad when she meets an old childhood friend...
Why would you want to break a perfectly good heart?
Why would you want to take my love and tear it all apart?


9. Play


~Amber POV~

3 months later

Nothings the same anymore. Our group had a fight. We split into to. Me, Haz, Louis, Abby and Zayn. Then Liam Niall India, James and Sara. Well actually India is usually in between (A/N Inbetweeners dance. Sorry Had to...) groups. She dislikes Harry and Niall . Yet she chose Liam's group. You can guess why ;). We still talk, infact during school Abs, Inds me and Sara got really close. Sara is actually nice, plot twist i know... She was just jealous that I was going to steal Niall way (I did but thats her problem) and she said Zayn kissed her and she didn't have time to explain. I wouldn't trust her as much as I trust Abby and India but she is still a close friend. Anyways if we wanted to hang out with the guys it would have to be in our little 'cliques'.

Anyways, mum and Mark have gotten really close, Marks son James has moved in as he didn't want to live with his mum so he left. He's in the same year. We are really close he just hangs out with the other group cause he can't be around Abby. As her has a massive crush on her. Abby finds him a bit, errm, strange. Its actually quite funny.

At School

Mrs Jenson (my form tutor) said "Girls, go down to the hall the headteacher (principal if you're american) has an announcement to make."

We went down to the hall. Mrs Jackson (the headmistress/principal) said "As you know towards the end of the school year we have a school production which we preform together with the boys school. This year the production is we are doing is  Grease!" There were a few yes' screamed from some girls whereas others groaned.

The bell went for our first class. English. I don't mind English, I like my teacher, I like where I sit (next to Abby), I just dislike writing about  specific things and the fact that I can't expand my writing.

*Bell Goes For Lunch*

"So are you going to audition for Grease?" Abby asks while we queue to get our lunch.

"Maybe are you?" I reply

"I'm not sure, but you'd be good for the role of Sandy, if you can act and sing. You look the part at least..."

"Errmm thanks.. I think..." She laughs and we get some pasta from the salad bar. I quite like the school cafeteria, you can get pizza, pasta, a wrap, sandwiches or salad, given it easy expensive for what you get.. 

"Anyways, I'll try out if you tryout. "


BAM! We turn and we start singing down the hallways til suddenly we have a different change of clothes and we're in the auditorium/stage. Just like glee. Just kidding, but I love that show :D.

So next week we go and audition. We read out our lines in groups or pairs depending what character you wanted to be. Abby pretty much forced me into trying out to Sandy, I was paired up with Niall, very awkward. We did the part when the meet at the beach. This was based on the film not the musical.

A few weeks later we got the results back.

Abby got Sandy

Louis got Danny

Niall got the role of Kenickie

I got Rizzo

Liam got Doody

Sara got Frenchie

Zayn got Sonny

India got Marty

Harry got Putzie

and Eva got the role of Jan.

We got lucky. Louis got the understudy actually and was Kenickie but Daniel who was originally supposed to play Danny got suspended for 2 weeks for getting into a fight with this guy after school. SO Louis got Danny and Niall got Kenickie.

The good thing about this production is we get to miss lessons. So YAY! But rehearsals are hard, we have to dance and sing and act at the same time. Never knew acting was so hard. There's lots of arguing backstage but you get used to it.

It's now even more awkward that I have to kiss him in the back of a car. By him I mean Niall and by kiss I mean make out, or at least look like you're making out. He's a good kisser. But its awkward.

Umm yeah...




I have just realised how short my chapters are....



ps  #1D4RND

pps One Way or Another is extrodinHARRY

i need a life :/

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