Perfectly Good Heart ~ One Direction

(previously known as dare to dream) Amber's parents have just gotten divorced, she's living with her mum and stepfather in a suburban house on the outskirts of London. She's had to move to an all girls school (but there's a boys school just separately) but that doesn't seem so bad when she meets an old childhood friend...
Why would you want to break a perfectly good heart?
Why would you want to take my love and tear it all apart?


1. Moving Day

Amber P.O.V
Today was the day. I was moving in with mum and her new boyfriend, Mark. I didn't mind Mark but I missed my dad. I haven't seen him or my brother in months. I guess he was angry as mum got custody of me after she supposedly cheated on him with Mark. I try not to get too involved. Everything was already at the new place, I live in Brighton by the sea but moving up to London for Mark's work.
I'm glad I'm moving to be honest, have a fresh start. See the thing is my school, not the nicest school lots of drug addicts bullying fights. My mum said I'm going to a better school there. I'm not saying there won't be drug addicts or bullying but it hopefully won't be as bad.
"Amber, time to leave." My mum said. We rented the house just in case things didn't work out in London.
I gathered the remainder of my stuff and went downstairs. We had already said goodbye to my friends and family. So we just left to start a new life.
We were in the car for about an hour and a half as it was early in the morning the roads weren't that busy.
When we got there mum pulled up into this amazing house. It was mainly white but had black for the drainpipe the door and the window frames. It was two storeys, had four bedrooms, a really modern kitchen/dining room. And a really long garden with a pretty summer house at the back.

*Next Day*
Mark said the neighbours were having a dinner party to welcome us to the neighbourhood. Apparently their son goes to the boys school. His names Harry I think.
I got ready for the dinner party. The dress code is usually smart-casual so I put on a light blue sequin top with black leggings and silver flats. I curled my dirty blonde hair. It was naturally straight but I curl it for special occasions.
The dinner party was fun, their son is really cute and we ended up just chatting to each other until the other neighbours came. They had a daughter called India. She's in my year, she's so nice and pretty. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes she's about 5ft5 like me.
We got on really well, we went up to Harry's room and played mario kart on his wii
I obviously came first, India came second and Harry (who kept falling off) came in 5th.
We heard a call from downstairs, it was Mark telling us its time to go. I said goodbye to Harry and India and went home.
What a nice first day here. Then I remembered school starts the next day..
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