Perfectly Good Heart ~ One Direction

(previously known as dare to dream) Amber's parents have just gotten divorced, she's living with her mum and stepfather in a suburban house on the outskirts of London. She's had to move to an all girls school (but there's a boys school just separately) but that doesn't seem so bad when she meets an old childhood friend...
Why would you want to break a perfectly good heart?
Why would you want to take my love and tear it all apart?


10. Chemistry

Right now I'm in science, listening to Mr Fisher go on and on about limestone and acids and blah blah blah.. I wasn't really concentrating, well we were just recapping on what we did last lesson therefore I didn't need to listen. Most people weren't. Anyways. Over the last few days I have realised somethings:

1) Abby and Louis have gotten close. Much to the dislike of Eva. She cried when Sandy and Danny shared a kiss. I know how she felt. It's horrible seeing the guy you love kiss another girl. Lucy (Eva's best friend) said the last time she cried was in year 9 when she slammed her fingers between the doors and the broke. Ouch.

2) I still have feelings for Niall. I haven't seen him in ages. We try to avoid eachother as much as possible. This time we can't. In a way that's a good thing. Right?

3) I get distracted too easily.

The bell went. So naturally we started walking out the classroom. End of school. There aren't any rehearsals tonight so me and Harry walked home as India decided to go to Liam's. Wonder whats gonna happen there ;). Anyways the conversation was pretty much just small talk, like "How was you're day?" or "What did you have for Lunch?". Halfway home it started raining. Great. Neither of us had an umbrella so we were soaking within seconds. Harry offered me round and I accepted that offer.

I went up to his room. He came up with two hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows on top. He put the drink down and he kissed me. That kiss turned into a full on make out session. It probably would have gone even further than that as Harry's shirt was off but his mum came home. probably for the best. We got out hot chocolates and drank them in silence. Harry broke the silence and said "We shouldn't have done that it, errmm.... Was a mistake."

"Yea, I think I better be going." I replied before walking out. 

I think I enjoyed the kiss. It didn't have a spark though. Did harry feel a spark? If he didn't maybe he got over that crush he had on me. Hopefully.

~3 Weeks Later~

We had the first dress rehearsal for Grease. It was fun trying on the costumes. For the first time in almost a month everyone had got along. Didn't last though. Harry and Niall got into the fight the next day when he found out about the kiss we had the other day. I don't understand why he's angry I mean atleast I didn't cheat.

Anyways it's about a week until the first performance. I'm really nervous. So we were in rehearsals we had to go through all the scenes we hadn't gone over as much. If you get my drift.

After rehearsals Me, Niall, Amy and Louis were kept back. Apparently we didn't have enough 'chemistry' so as an extra assignment we had to work on that somehow. 

Niall offered me back to his place. No-one would be there as his brother is at work and his dad is out on business. That scared me a bit. No as in he was gonna rape me or something. Scared that I would fall for him. Scared that I'd let him kiss me. Scared I was going to get hurt again.

So I went back to his. He seemed nervous. Maybe he felt the same way as I did. As soon as we got there it wasn't awkward at all. Just like old times like nothing ever happened. It felt normal. Like I belonged there. So we went through the lines. We decided not to kiss unless it was compulsory. That was a let down.

Did I want to get back together with him? Maybe Sara came onto him. Maybe they only kissed for a second and I walked in at the wrong time.

"Amber, Ambs. You okay?" Niall said waving a hand in front of my face.

"Sorry, just thinking." I replied. 

"Going off in to Amber's world are we?" He chuckled, "That's one the things I love about you, always going off into your own little world."

Then he kissed me. I was in shock at first. Then I kept back. We were kissing for what felt like forever until Niall's phone went off. Bad timing.

"My brother's staying at a friend's tonight."

"So you have the night to yourself?"

"Yup." He replied. "Do you want to stay over?"

"Yes" I said. I don't know why. I knew where this would go. I knew how this would end.

I kissed him. He started kissing my neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to his room. He whispered "One sec." and threw me onto his bed. I texted my  mum saying I'd be staying at a friends for the night. She didn't question who she just replied saying "Don't stay up too late!"

Niall came back in with just his boxers on.

I think you can guess what happened next.


Sorry I haven't been updating I try to update atleast once a week but last week was my birthday and I have been quite busy so sorry about that :s

hope you enjoy



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