Can you imagine having that best friend that just leaves you hanging alone ? Imagine just waking up everyday horrified that you have to go to school with him. just even passing him in the halls you receive those hurtful words and abuse. Just when you think things get better they dont. Your dad and mom dies, and your forced to move in with your uncle. The bully, he returns but is he the same? or does he even remember you ? find out in fate


4. Call it quits


Bethany’s Pov

 I crawled under my duvet cover and just lied there. Next thing I know I have an hour to get ready. I get up and walk into the bathroom. Once I’m there I strip down and jump into the shower, letting all the warm and cold water trickle down my hair and my spine. I applied conditioner, shampoo, and body wash then I was out. I quickly ran into my room and regret coming out of the hot shower.


 I pick up my sweetheart neckline white lace dress with a mid size bow at the waist and put it on, along with my white lace flats. I sit on my vanity and watch as my hair drips down onto my lap. I grab my towel and dry it off then brush it. I plug my blow dryer in and then dry my hair, already the curls start forming. I pull out my face moisturizer and rub it all over my face. After that I apply my foundation,  concealer under my eyes from dark circles. After that I brush on some face powder then some blush. I grab my nude pink lipstick then apply it to my lips. I grab my black eyeliner then line my eyes, winging it out. I brush a champagne color eye shadow on my lid. After that I grab my heart necklace, and my gold charm bracelet I got that says my name and a microphone charm, the word fame, a music note, and a heart going around.

    After that I grab a piece of hair from one side of my head, braid it then Bobbi pin it to the side, then do the same to the other side. By the time I finish my phone starts ringing “ Uncle Simon “ pops up. I quickly answer it. ( Phone Convo)  Bethany- Hello? Simon- Hey sweetie the Limos outside and oh by the way someone else is joining us today Bethany- yeah okay ill be right out. (End )

    I get up from my seat and grab my white lace clutch and tuck my ear phone in. I hurry down and walk out the front door making sure its locked. Once I turn around five boys in black tucks  stand there with a nervous smile. I look away and said “don’t  pity me”. Everyone nods and Niall adds “ You look Beautiful tonight Bethany, but you would be even more perfect if you got rid of your makeup.” I smile and said “Thanks niall” and walk into the limo.


    Once we arrive there are fans everywhere, I pose for some pictures then get ready to leave but a fans asks who One direction are. I answer simply by saying “ A group that’s going to make it one day “  once I walk in the boys follow close behind. I give the waiter my name and he leads me to a table with Uncle Simon and.. Louis ex girlfriend Alexis. Seeing that smirking look on her face just wanted me to run and cry in a corner but I couldnt, Where has she gone in life ? Im basically living the dream singing, dancing everything. “ Ah, Louis I found your ex girlfriend Alexis “ says Simon. Louis smiled and said “ Hey babe, I missed you”. I slowly make my way toward my seat and sit down keeping my head down. Niall sits down by me , followed my Liam then Zayn, then Harry then Louis then Alexis then my uncle Simon. I stare and notice how Happy Louis and Alexis looked together and realized “ I don’t have a chance at all “. “ so Betty ? whats happened in your life since we last saw you ? says Alexis still having that smirk on her face like she knew something was up. “Well since I left I started my music career and im still dancing “I said. “ Hm, same old boring thing “says Alexis. I roll my eyes and said “Well Alexis, has your life changed ? or are you still the slut going around ?  she looks a bit taken back that I actually stood up for myself. Everyone stays quiet then Simon says “excuse me I have to go to the bathroom. “then leaves. “Look twig, don’t you dare call me a slut, im nothing toward that, just because you’re famous and stuff doesn’t mean you’re better. I’m a lot prettier and will always be, you’re just going to be the fat ugly nerd who no one likes in school. Spat Alexis. Once she finished everyone looked kind of mad she said that. Once I took it all in the words and everything I was crying. I simply got up and ran out of the restaurant. I sat on a bench and cried. Then I feel this person staring at me. I turn around to find Liam.

  He takes a seat down next to me and places his hand on my back. I look at him and brake once again, crashing my head into his shoulder. “ I-I don’t even know what I did wrong” I say stuttering. “ Shh dont worry about her” Liam says but somehow has that comforting voice. Once I stop I remove my head from Liam’s shoulder. “ Uh, thanks Liam” I say placing my hand on his. He smiles and says “Anything for you”. I blush and look into Liam’s Big brown eyes, and soon our lips are touching, and my hands against his chest. Then I hear snapping of pictures, flashes, and people screaming “hey Liam Payne and Bethany Mota over here!“ and “ is it true you guys are dating ?!” I grab Liams hand and scream “ Run !” “Way ahead of yah! “  Liam pulls me onto his back and runs Finally we lose them. Were out of breath and laughing. “ Get used to it payne, once your famous your gonna have to do a bunch of running “ Nah, I dont mind I used to run “ Liam says shrugging. I smile then Simon calls asking where we are so we return to the restaurant, keeping an eye out for paparazzi. Liam and me return back to the restaurant safely but our hands are interlocking. We return to our seats not bothering to look at the others but stare at each other. 

 “Beth!”shouts Uncle simon. “Hm ?”. “ What is this news about you sneaking away from our house and going into a guys house !? “  Simon shouts once again. “Ughhh, I was just hanging out ! “ I dont care Beth, what happens when people think you and him are dating, what happens if you got hurt ? Huh?” I had enough.. “ Simon, we are not dating, I cant even leave the house without having you asking where im going or the paparazzi following me ! Im 19 for heaven sakes !  I sometimes dont even want to be a singer, I didnt want to be in the first place, I was forced to be a singer ! “. Simons mouth drops and says “ Oh yeah, and if you didnt want to be a singer and you took a break, what would you do ? “

That thought was interrupted when my phone rang and said “ Vs “. I quickly answered and replied with a simple “Hello ?” “Yes” “Of course”” Tomorrows perfect “ see you then “. “Uncle Simon, im taking a break from singing because Im becoming an angel.”  

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