Can you imagine having that best friend that just leaves you hanging alone ? Imagine just waking up everyday horrified that you have to go to school with him. just even passing him in the halls you receive those hurtful words and abuse. Just when you think things get better they dont. Your dad and mom dies, and your forced to move in with your uncle. The bully, he returns but is he the same? or does he even remember you ? find out in fate


2. Better than ever...


Bethany's Pov

I wake up to the blinding light shining through the windows. " Ugh school " i thought to myself. I somehow dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom. I look in the mirror and groan noticing the blood shot eyes, dark circles, and messy bun hair. I strip down and hop into the shower letting all warm water to race down my body. After fifteen minutes i hop out. I wrap the towel around me and walk out and into my room. I look through my closet and decide on a light blue denim button up shirt and a  grey skirt. I quickly pull on my outfit and tuck the excess fabric from my shirt into my skirt. I grab my black bow belt and wrap it around the top of my skirt. I walk into the bathroom and pull my makeup bag out. I comb my hair them blow dry it and notice the curls starting to form. I apply my concealer under my eyes then on miner blemishes, i blend it out then apply a natural eye makeup. I curl my lashes then apply a generous amount of mascara. I grab my pink blush then brush it onto the apples of my cheeks. Soon after i rub my baby lips on my lips then walk down the stairs. I grab my brown purse and my car keys. I look around and notice im the only one home. Wheres my dad ? I check the time on my phone and hurry out the door slipping on my black flats. I hop in my car and head toward Starbucks. When at a stop light i pull my phone out and notice a message. I open it expecting to see Jai's name but no, its Kahea's did he even care if i was missing yesterday ? I move forward once the stoplight turns green then turn to Starbucks. I park my car then walk inside letting the coffee smell sink in. I walk in line then order a bagel and a passion tea with thai walls. I stand on the side and wait for my drink. while waiting i see Louis sitting there smirking at me. I avoid his stare and look down. I hear giggling and turn to the sound but my heart drops seeing the guy i love with all my heart snuggling with the captain of dance class 'Danielle Payzer ' my name gets called and i quickly grab my stuff. I run out but fall to my knees the tears fall and my heart brakes. Then someone grabs my arm. I quickly turn around and hug whoever it was.. Louis. " I-I dont know what i did wrong, I-I thought Jai was the one for me , Ho-How could Jai do this to me Louis ?! " I said snuggling my head into Louis's chest. " I-i dont Know bethany, Im so sorry... hey we have thirty minutes till the bell rings ? how about we go to the park ? " Louis said stroking my hair and holding me. I nod and release my head from him and Louis takes my hand. At first i get a bit startled and Louis notices " Im sorry, if you dont like it i can " No, No its perfectly fine.. "  We continue walking and it remains quiet but because no one knows what to say. We reach a park and sit on the smooth calming grass. I lay my head on Louis's shoulder and it just feels.. right. 

Louis's Pov

When we were at the park and Bethany laid her fragile little head on my shoulder it- it felt right. Like it was meant to be there. Then Bethany spoke " Hey Lou" and Looked right into my eyes. Her bright Blue eyes sparkled and shined and yet the little girl beth was still in there. " I- need to head to dance class.. I cant be late " She said getting up. I followed her moves and rubbed the back of my head " Hey beth i- i never mind " I said looking away, her beautiful eyes made me stutter. she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. Her sweet, warm kiss remained on my cheek, as she turned away i held my cheek and smiled " Yep.. the feelings back " 

Bethany's pov

I sat in my car and thought " Why is there butterflies going crazy in my stomach ?" I ignored it and drove to school. I park and get out. I walk through the doors and run into the dance room looking for Kahea, and davi. Luckily there the first ones in there. I stumble and said " Jai che- he cheated on me " The bad memories flood through my mind and i mentally push them away. the two girls rush to my side and comfort me while i tell them the story. when i finish they looked star strucked." Louis ? " Daviane said still sounding confused. I nodded then He walked in.. Jai. " Hey babe ready to dance " i got surprised he decided to keep Danielle a secret ? I shook my head and shot my friends a " i got this " look they simply nodded and crossed there arms. " Jai we need to talk .. " i said looking him straight in the eyes i said " How long ?" he look as if he was caught and said " I- beth i dont know what your talking about..I shook my head and said "you know exactly what im talking about ". He stood still while i yelled at him " You know my life was a living hell, but i woke up everyday glad i had you, I thought we were the couple people would say ' oh them ? there still together ? I cant believe you would do this to me.. " By now everyone was in class and even her. " Bethany, i love you and i realize it now just please.. please give me a second chance " Jai said grabbing my hand. I pulled away and said " No jai, im sorry but i dont give a crap if your just realizing that you love me... i thought you would be the guy who would mess my lipstick up not my mascara, You were the guy who took my heart and stepped on it then moved on.. ". Jai nodded and turned away from me " Alright everyone change into your dance attire and shoes  " I took a deep breath and walked to my locker and pulled out my PINK booty shorts a pink tank top and a white crop top saying " Free". I take my blue and black high tops and slip them on. I pull my dance clothes on and pull my brown hair into a high bun and walk out. I slip past the crowd of people and to Davi and Kahea who are wearing sweats and tank tops. We start stretching and soon were dancing. Finally we finish. Im sitting on the floor and Danielle comes and kisses Jai right in front of me.I hold back the tears or at least  i tried to but i couldn't control it. I hug my legs and sob into my little cover thing. I get up and run out of the class room considering Danielle was practically Jai in front of me and i couldn't take it. I soon  trip and see a Cop and My moms brother Simon Cowell a.k.a uncle moo. Dont ask about the name he called me piglet and i called him moo cause cow. Anyway his eyes looked bloodshot as if he was crying. " hey piggy.. uhm just finish with dance class ? " He said stopping a bit between each word. i simply nodded and he got straight to the point " today.. i received news that your dad commit suicide today " D-daaddy ? " i asked a bit shakily. he nodded and opened his arms so i could hug him. I jumped in his arms and cried my heart out. Then i stopped.. i saw this coming.. the countless days were he would come home drunk, he was depressed. I released and whispered " whats gonna  happened to me ? "  he sighed and said your moving in with me to England in a day. I nodded and said ill start packing as soon as i get home from school. I got one more hug then a kiss on the forehead. As he and the cop walked away i turned around  and walked back to my friends. Once i approached them they sensed something was wrong. " awh sweetie whats wrong ? " " I-im moving to England .. today's my last day.." i said still feeling the tears coming on. They stood there with there mouths open and hugged me. 


*skip to after School*  

*Still Beth's pov *

I ran into my car with both friends with me deciding to help me pack. The car ride to my house was silent but not awkward silent but a " cant say anything or someone will cry " kinda silence. I stopped on my drive way and parked the car. We all got out and walked into the already sold house. I walked up to my room and grabbed out three of my Pink and White suitcases and started pulling clothes out and folding them. Daviane and Kahea left a hour later because of there parents . While i sat alone in my room packing. Soon all clothes were packed and still waiting on my furniture to be packed. My phone beeped and i went to grab it. " Hey piggly turns out i need to go to x-factor 2010 the week after you come. no your not going to school your being home schooled and i know how you love to sing and dance so im getting you a mentor for that " that text was from uncle simon. I laid on my bed and cried. my phone beeped again was from not just anyone him, Louis tomlinson, it read " Hey are you okay ? and Kahea told me.. your actually moving? " i wiped my tears and said " im better than ever.. and yeah. " I turned my phone off and fell asleep time for a big day tomorrow..



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