Can you imagine having that best friend that just leaves you hanging alone ? Imagine just waking up everyday horrified that you have to go to school with him. just even passing him in the halls you receive those hurtful words and abuse. Just when you think things get better they dont. Your dad and mom dies, and your forced to move in with your uncle. The bully, he returns but is he the same? or does he even remember you ? find out in fate


1. Were it all started

Bethany's Pov

Hello my name is Bethany Noel Mota. I am a eighteen years old and live in Boring old Doncaster with lots of down time. I have brown long curly hair with golden natural highlights. My eyelashes are long and are accompanied by my bright blue eyes.Still i have my bully's. Luckily i have the most amazing boyfriend, Jai ( Pronounced jay ). No Jai doesnt know i get bullied , thank god. I am a Artist, cheerleader,singer and writer and dancer, all of them are my passion. I have my two best friends, Daviane and Kahealani. Daviane a.k.a davi is a cheerleader, Artist and Dancer with Long curly golden hair. Her eyes are blue and paired with her dimple. I say dimple because she literally only has one dimple on her right cheek.. Daviane has the personality of a two year old but when needed a eighteen year old. Kahealani a.k.a Kahea is a cheerleader like me and Davi also dapples in drawing, Kahea is a born to be dancer. Kahea has Black straight hair, brown cuddly eyes and the go to friend. Jai is three inches taller than me. Caramel colored hair and brown eyes are all my favorite things about him. Jai has been my boyfriend for 4 years and thankfully a very faithful boyfriend. Jai is a dancer so yes we all do dance and so do his friends. Most of the time we all meet up and have a dance off. Now.. Time for the bully a.k.a Louis Tomlinson used to be best friend. Yes believe me or not Louis used to be my best friend. Now he's captain of the football ( Soccer) teams, and hangs out with the " Cool people" including, Harry styles, Liam payne, Niall horan and Zayn malik. Also known as the 5 people who ruined my life since i was ten. It all started when we were just about ten and were going to have a play date. ( Flash back ) I was sitting in my pink, princess room when the door bell rang. I hopped off my panda beanbag and raced down the stairs. I opened the door with all grins to Louis. He had this mean looking Glare on his face but i of course looked past it. " Hey Louis why dont you- " " Uhm no lets go for a walk okay ? " he said interrupting me." Oh okay sure " I said kinda scared. I walked out and closed the door then reached for Louis's hand no not like a couple but friends. As it got closer he pulled his hand away and gave me a grossed out look " What are you doing ?! " He spat. I backed away and said " W-we always do this dont you remember ? " Louis raised a eye brow and said i have a girlfriend now beth, we cant do that anymore. " Ohokay ill pretend that didnt hurt. I nodded and continued walking to the big tree in front of my house with a swing on it. Louis stopped right by the swing and said " Get on " I nodded and did as told. He started to push and soon i was high in the air. Then i heard ripping, I look up and see Zayn,Harry,Liam, Niall and im guessing Louis's girlfriend in the tree with a knife. I gasp as i fall straight down and onto the hard grass. I start crying and held my knee were a bruise started forming. They all jumped down from the tree and started laughing. They all gathered around me and sang " Beth the baby, Beth the baby " I look around and hurt even more when i see Louis laughing even harder then the rest. I wipe the tears and tried to defend myself but no nothing worked. then Louis spoke up " Guys i guess shes had enough" and held his hand out for me. I took it and got up but then Harry spoke. "Look Ugly beth i think we all agree your ugly and should die, No one likes a person whos ugly " They all exploded with Laughter and i just stood there. Not knowing what to do. I ran and ran but did it help, not at all the words, laughter all played back in my head and just echoed in my mind. I ran until i just couldn't anymore. Then a voice spoke " Are you okay ? " I look up to see a girl my age. I shook my head and told everything to a complete stranger. When i stopped she looked so sad and said " Im Kahealani ,but you can call me Kahea." I smiled and said " Im Bethany. " She smiled back and said " Do you want to come with me to the park? Im going to meet with a few friends. " I nodded and said " Id love to " We walked and walked talking about what we like and such" Then we Arrived. I Looked around and saw 3, and 1 girl all ten. Kahea spoke and said " Guys meet Bethany, a new friend of mine. " I waved and then a girl with gold hair said " Im Daviane, thats jai, Keaton, and Austin." I waved and jai started blushing. I giggled and then Keaton " Well since Jai here cant speak, Time to dance ". I got all excited i love to dance. He pulled out his phone and played some music. Without thinking i started to move my body to the beats. Then stopped, embarrassed because everyone was starring at me with wide open Mouths. I rubbed my elbow and said " Sorry im horrible i know " Kahea chocked and said " No , no your so good ! " I smiled then said thanks.( End of flashback ) Since that day Louis and his group still bully me, Me Kahea, and daviane are besties . Jai confessed his love for me once we reached 8th grade. Now your most likely wondering why is a cheerleader getting bullied ? One Because of Louis and his group, and two im counted kinda as a unknown cheerleader. Me and Jai walked in the school doors with us hand and hand. Once we reached my locker Jai let go of my hand letting me unlock my locker. I grabbed my books and Jai's phone beeped. He pulled it out and groaned. " Sorry babe i gotta go , meet you at class ? " I nodded as he pecked me on the check and walked away. Then i heard them...  Not just them the " Cools ". i gulped and turned around. They were wearing snap backs but Louis, no he was wearing A gray beanie. And walking beside him the known as slut, wearing her short booty shorts and pink tube top with white heels. I look down and notice me wearing a white v-neck, a pink Hollister cardigan and some jean shorts, simple. I tucked a hair behind my ear and turned away but stopped hearing " Oh bethh " I tried running faster but i heard running. then my hand was pulled. I turn to see Louis standing there and his friends behind him smirking. " Louis please just let me go i didnt do anything wrong" I said pleading. " No" He said giving me a simple answer then pushed me down. i got back up and said " LOUIS I DID NOTHING, WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH ?! i-i helped you with everything, your parents divorce and stuff, then my mom died and you just- you just left me " I said fighting back this time. Louis looked taken back and said " w-when did Mrs. Mota die ? " I felt the tears coming on and said a week after you- well you know... I was there for you Louis.. and when i needed you most you left " Harry stepped up and whispered something in his ear then Louis's smirk returned. "Shut up fatty, stop making things up" W-why would he think im making this up ? then out of no where Kahea showed up behind me. " You dont get it Louis her mom did die, she was in a car accident " she said putting her hand on my shoulder. " Really ? No, beth im sorry i did- " No Louis, you meant it, you've done nothing but hurt me" I said wiping my tears " and im done, and im done crying over you , and im done thinking your gonna change because i know... im a ugly person, i know im fat and i know i should die " I said giving him one last look then running past him. I ran into my car and and cried. i started my car and drove away from the place known as hell. I drove to my house and ran out. I ran into my room and locked it, the room used to be pink was now mint green covered with white lights and pictures. I jumped on my white and black bed and cried into my pillows. then something was peeking from under my bed. I got up wiping my tears and grabbing a scrapbook with words " Friends to infinity and beyond ". i opened it and saw pictures, not just pictures me and Louis "best friend pictures ". I Looked through it and stopped on a picture of me opening gifts on my birthday and Louis smiling at me, but no not just any smile a love smile. did he like me ? I opened my window and threw the book out, the memories the pain, and the sorrow gone. I grabbed my song book and wrote stuff down " uh uh uh  i was thinking bout him thinking bout me thinking bout us what we gonna be, open my eyes.. it was only just a dreaaamm so i tried go back down that road, will he come back no one knows i realize man it was only just a dream.. "  Please come back Louis... I said mumbling to myself...

Credit to Nelly for writing just a dream.


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