CDs, Sofas and Cheating Scumbags

This is for a competition called 1SHOT41D enjoy!!


1. Chapter 1

Hey guys so this is for the 1SHOT41D contest. It's the first contest I have entered so sorry if its terrible.


Chapter 1


'NO JUST GET OUT, I DON'T WANT TO EVER SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN YOU CHEATING SCUMBAG!' I screamed at Liam with tears rolling down my face
'please I'm sorry it didn't mean anything' he pleaded
'no, get OUT' I raised my voice at the end.
He left but not with out saying
'I love you'
once he left I slid my back down against the door and pulled my knees up against me chest, and started sobbing.

- 4 days later-

I woke up and looked at the date on my calendar the 14th of February WONDERFUL thanks to li- no I can't say his name he caused me that much pain. If your wondering why I called him a cheating scumbag it's because I walked into his apartment and found him and his ex Danielle half naked making out on the couch. Now back to reality and away from those dreadful memories, I got in my uniform for work, put my mascara on which made my brown eyes pop and left my long curly red hair go down to my waist and drove to work.

I was sorting out the CDs into alphabetical order when I heard the voice that I have been dreading to hear, the voice of Liam James Payne.
'Charley please, I'm so sorry for cheating on you with her once I left I realised I made the biggest mistake of my life, because you are my world, my other half, and I can't bear to be without you please forgi-' I cut him off with my lips when he pulled away I gave him a confused look
'so you forgive me?'
'Just shut up and kiss me' I pulled him by the collar and kissed him
'I love you Liam'
'I love you too Charley'
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