Cupids Arrow

Hi guys my name is Ashley Brown and I for one hate Valentines Day. Something this year changed inside of me, I got feelings for ONE DIRECTION! That was the best thing that happened this year. I never used to have dates to the school dances and to the after parties but this year it all changed when I met a little fellow called....


2. OMG!!!!!

Ashley's POV-

"Yasmine omg haha I love you so much best friend." I yelled from the stairs. I ran down the stairs to hug Yasmine. I leaped from the stairs and threw myself in her arms. When I finally got down from our bear hug she told me she had the whole day planned out. Which knowing her could mean anything cause she could sometimes get anything she wanted which I guess can have its benefits. "So first we are going out to lunch." She said with a grin on her face. One we got to Olive Garden which was my favorite restaurant we sat down in a booth at the very end of the restaurant and there was sitting JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER! I wanted to scream so badly but I kind of knew he would get scared. I just breathed in and out slowly and just when I thought I calmed down he came up and KISSED ME ON THE CHEAK! "Happy birthday." He said in a low whisper. "Well there's present number one" Yasmine Said again with a cheeky grin.

~5 hours later~

Yasmine's POV-

"Hey ash I think we should get going its kinda late now." I said. We got into my car and drove back to her place. Once we got there I told her I had one last present for her. I told her to get to the present there is a riddle. She agreed and I gave her the first card, it said "This is your first clue go to the place where you put your shoes". She ran upstairs and went to her closet and found another card. it said " To find clue number three go to the place where you need to pee. She ran across the hall and into the bathroom. she read the next one and it said, " Your birthday present will be a smash go to the place where you throw your trash." We followed her downstairs and into the kitchen next to the trash can she opened it and there was another card it said " For your last and final clue go to the place where you sleep and drool. "Hahahah I don't drool Yasmine!" She shouted playfully at me. We went up stairs and she took apart her pillows and there was a white envelope and there she opened it. "OMG im going to see ONE DIRECTION OMG OMG! she couldn't stop screaming. "So who are you gonna take I said with a smirk on my face. She pointed to me and burst into tears of joy thank you thank you she repeated multiple times. "Wait let me guess this is for next months tour isn't it." She said with disappointment. "Hmmm I don't know you should take another look at the tickets." I said trying to keep a straight face. "OMG its NEXT WEEK" she burst out.


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