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Hi guys my name is Ashley Brown and I for one hate Valentines Day. Something this year changed inside of me, I got feelings for ONE DIRECTION! That was the best thing that happened this year. I never used to have dates to the school dances and to the after parties but this year it all changed when I met a little fellow called....


1. How it all began

Ashley's POV-

"Come on Yasmine we're gonna be late for the concert!" I yelled from out the door. " I'm coming I'm just putting on my heels!" She screamed from the stairs.

Wait your new here to this story, let me give you a brief summary on how me and Yasmine became friends. So the summer before 12 grade I had just recently got my braces off. That same day when I went home I noticed that somebody had just moved in next door. I saw a girl with dark brown hair and light brown highlights, she was pretty tall and she had light brown eyes. I could tell automatically that she would be one of the most popular girls or even THE MOST popular girl. She was carrying two large boxes and I could tell she needed help, I looked towards my mom and she gave me a nodding approval. I ran across the yard and asked her if she needed help with those boxes. "Oh yes please these are so heavy!" She said with a thick british accent. "You're not from around here are you?" I asked in a low whisper. She nodded her head and we finally set down her boxes in her room upstairs. "Oh by the way my name is Yasmine i'm from London, England." She said with her thick british accent. From then on we turned out to be best friends. She taught me to be more girly and gave me a total transformation. We both were the "Perfs"(Perfects).

~Middle of the school year~

Yasmine's POV-

It's finally spring break and Ashley's Birthday was coming up and I wanted to get her something she wouldn't forget. Valentines Day was in 2 weeks and 1 week before that was a One Direction concert. Ashley was gaga for Harry and I was head over heels for Niall. So I decided to get us front row seats and backstage passes. I also decided to get the special package that allows us to spend a whole day with the boys! Alright it

~6 days later~

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHY" I screamed at the top of my lungs. She came down from the stairs wearing . She looked so pretty, I had a feeling if she kept up wearing those pretty clothes when we went to the concert harry would fall for her.


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