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Hi guys my name is Ashley Brown and I for one hate Valentines Day. Something this year changed inside of me, I got feelings for ONE DIRECTION! That was the best thing that happened this year. I never used to have dates to the school dances and to the after parties but this year it all changed when I met a little fellow called....


3. Hitch hickers

Ashley's POV-

"Come on Yasmine we're gonna be late for the concert!" I yelled from out the door. " I'm coming I'm just putting on my heels!" She screamed from the stairs. Today was the big day! Finally we would get to go see One Direction, FRONT ROW AND BACKSTAGE! "Ready to go Ash?" Yasmine said from the bottom of the stairs. "Yeah I've been done Yasmine!" I practically yelled in her face with excitement. we were wearing, and . Finally we were on the freeway heading towards L.A to the Staples Center when suddenly we see 5 cute guys stuck on the side of the road jumping up and down asking for a ride. "Hey Yasmine pull over and maybe we can help those five guys up ahead." I said to Yasmine. "Alright but I need this giant semi to get out of the f*cking way, cause I can't see for shit!" She yelled out the window probably hoping he would hear her. I think he did cause he finally sped up, I think he got the clue when Yasmine was telling him he was number 1. Haha you gotta love her when she's pissed off. We finally pull over to find the biggest shocker of our life's. We were literally left with our mouth opened!


Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a long time, I had SERIOUSE writers block! So hope you enjoyed this little chapter. I sort of snuck away from my math HW for a few moments just to give you guys a new chapter. I'm still going to update again tonight so be ready for a BIG surprise! Love you guys so much and thanks for reading my Movella! Comment fave and like also check out my other books.

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