My Summer Love <3

For The Valentines Day Thing Just a chapter but if you like please please comment and hopefully I might write the whole story? (:


1. Summer doesn't last forever

I woke up by the sound of Louis doing something.... Strange? Well before anything I would like to introduce myself My name is Larissa , And Louis and  I have been together for a year now and I still love him to death! Well anyway I went downstairs to see what Lou was doing." Hey Lou what are you doing?" I said. Lou replied "I'll tell you later Arissa  just get your swim suit and come in the car with me". "But Lou..." I was cut off by him " Trust me Arissa" I went upstairs to pack as alot of thoughts ran into my mind. I went and sat in the car."Ready to go?" Lou said. I nodded , we drove off It was until halfway till I realized where we were going! Lou's Beach house of course I been there before but only once and I loved it so much. We got there and Lou said... " Arissa Its Valentines day today so I took you here cause I wanted to celebrate with you and ask you something" He said confidently. " Summer doesn't last for ever so...Arissa Would you..." He pulled out a Box inside was a ring. "Marry me?" He finished. Tears of Joy ran through my eyes I quickley nodded and said " Lou..... I would love too!" We sat on the couch watching Titanic."I love you so much Lou , Thank you for everything" I said."I love you too Arissa , I would do anything for you!" And I realized he was mine and only mine Summer Love <3

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