I love you

My name is Sydney. I am seventeen years old. I love Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. I walk home and a bus was broken down at the other end of the street so I decided to just keep walking home. Then a little while later who could be at my door. What happens next in the story. Am I in love?!?!

This is my first movella ill try to update at least once a week. Write comments or suggestions I hope enjoy my lil' carrots.


2. Why are you here

Sydney's pov
I got dressed in black skinny jeans and a purple sweatshirt. I heard a knock on the door and screamed "I'll be right there". I put on eye liner mascara and vans. I got to the door and unlocked the locks and opened it. "What do you need" I said to the five most beautiful guys in the world. "Coming to see a very pretty girl" the curly haired boy said. I felt my cheeks turn bright pink. Then the boy with light brown hair said" I guess someone has a crush on my little Hazza bear". My cheeks turned tomato red and they noticed and started to chuckle. "You guys are meen and what do you want Hazza bear?"I said sarcastically. He started to blush so I mocked the light brown hair and mockingly said" who has a crush Haz"! We all started to laugh except for him. " now seriously what do you creepers want" I said a little scared still. "To love you" the one they call Haz said. I was freaked out. All of the boys stared at Haz then at me it was really awkward.

Harry's pov
I shouldn't have top Sydney that I wanted to do her. She probably thought I was a rapist or something. All the boys stared at me then at her. I wish I could take it back. I could tell she was scared I mean who wouldn't be if five guys chased her and one told her they wanted to do her. I didn't mean to say it I just lost myself in her chocolate brown eyes and her dark red lips because she had on lipstick. I wish I could take it back but it's too late now so I just stood there awkwardly. I glanced at Lou he looked like he was going to crack up. I gave him a death glare and he looked scared. Louis coughed and broke the silence by saying " can we come in. Sydney looked scared and hesitantly said"surre".

Sydney's pov
They all came in it told them to sit down. " Would you like to tell me who you are"? " oh" the blond boy said " I'm Niall this is Lou,Liam, and this is Zayn. They all smiled. I gave them a little confused smile and said"Who's the main creeper". They all laughed except for the curly haired boy. He looked at me awkwardly and went on his one knee since I was standing up and took my hand, kissed it and said "my name is Harry know sweetheart and yours is Sydney". I looked at him confused and asked" How do you my name?" Harry chuckled and told me it was on the front of the house hanging on the side. "Oh". I said in a cute girly voice. I left the living room and went in the kitchen. I heard footsteps.
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