I love you

My name is Sydney. I am seventeen years old. I love Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. I walk home and a bus was broken down at the other end of the street so I decided to just keep walking home. Then a little while later who could be at my door. What happens next in the story. Am I in love?!?!

This is my first movella ill try to update at least once a week. Write comments or suggestions I hope enjoy my lil' carrots.


1. Home from school

-Sydney's pov-
The bell rang I was so glad to go home. It was a long weekend and I could not i mean could not wait to go home and fan girl about One Direction. That is how I spend all my week ends.

-Harry's pov-
" Louis what are we going to do?! We are going to be late. Omg I'm getting nervous!" I screamed in Louis's face. "Calm down Harry. God. The fans won't be as crazed as you are if we are late. And next time stay out of my grill. Got it? Good". Louis said to me. I feel like I'm going to faint. Ahhhh. "Boys boys look there is a girl walking down the street lets see if she can help". All the boys agreed and we ran off to ask her for some help. I could tell she saw us just by the she looks at us I might of been far away but I could tell and the fact she started to walk faster.

Sydney's pov
I saw people running towards me so I walked a little faster and went in to my house. My heart was pounding and I was shaking and at that moment I remembered to lock the locks on the door and all of them. I hope they didn't see what house was mine I wanted to get it all out of my mind so I went into the bathroom and took a steaming hot shower. I was glad my mom Melanie was out in Asia for her job for all of February vacation so I got the house to myself. I got our of the shower and dried off.
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