I love you

My name is Sydney. I am seventeen years old. I love Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. I walk home and a bus was broken down at the other end of the street so I decided to just keep walking home. Then a little while later who could be at my door. What happens next in the story. Am I in love?!?!

This is my first movella ill try to update at least once a week. Write comments or suggestions I hope enjoy my lil' carrots.


3. Harryyyyy

-Harry's pov- I told the guys I was going in the kitchen. I walked in and saw Sydney standing by the cabinets looking through them. "Hi" I said. "Oh. Hi Harry." She said smiling. Her smile was so beautiful it gave me chills. I scratched the back of my neck and said "erm well um I'm really sorry for saying what I said at the front door. I was just try ing to be er funny but it sounded scary. I wasn't thinking and it was really weird because we just met but will you errr forgive me"I said shyly. She stared at me for a second and walked closer. "Ya. I forgive you" she said now standing really close. We both leaned in and started kissing. I locked her bottom lip asking for entrance. She allowed it right away. We started to make out. I held under her but so she could wrap her legs around me. I moved her so she could sit on the counter. We were in the middle of kissing when we heard screams. "Close your eyes Niall it's okay your okay. I know you might be scarred for life but its okay" Louis said in a baby voice while holding Niall's eyes shut with his hands. I chuckled and Sydney was blushing while giggling. Liam and Zayn walked in. Liam cleared his throat. Sydney's eyes went big when she realized her legs were still around me. She jumped of the counter and looked for food. "So, how long are you guys staying"she asked while smiling at us.
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