Niall Horan is a typical teenage boy. He dreads School, and loves the ladies. Niall is quite popular, but hang out with four friends more than the rest. Zayn, Liam, Harry, and of course Louis(his best friend of the four). everything was as normal as normal could be, until they received two new students, transferring from America.

The new students a boy, Jasper, and a girl, Laura. The odd thing about these newbies was that although they both moved from America at the same time, but have never met each other before.

After the bell for first period rings, they are both introduced to the class, and the Irish boy's stomach does a flip. But what Niall wasn't expecting was it to flip for both of them.

Niall finds himself in a tough place, struggling to find his sexuality, and who he fancies more.


1. 1

School, a drag for most everybody. Niall was texting Lou before the tardy bell rang, complaining about how he dreaded doing the same thing everyday. As the tardy bell decided to ring, he shoved his phone into his trousers pocket, and pulled out his notebook to doodle while the teacher talked. He hated how boring every teacher had to talk.

"Okay class..." Mrs. Norberry had a surprisingly peppier tone in her voice so Niall looked up, from the little dinosaur he was drawing, to see what was going on. "We have two new students joining us today."

Niall never really fancied someone in their school, until now. "This is Laura. She is from Manhattan, New York." Wow she was simple beautiful. She looked like a model. Niall couldn't take his eyes off her until the teacher spoke again. "And this is Jasper. He is from San Francisco, California." Niall could not lie, Jasper was quite fit. Wait, what? Niall tried to push the though from his mind but failed, as he found himself staring at the new male student.

Was Niall hallucinating? He was straight, with out a doubt 100% hetero. Wasn't he? Niall snapped out of his trance as he noticed they both moved from the front of the room, and were in fact headed to the two empty seats on either side of his own. 

As the two came closer to Niall, he started to notice each of them more. Laura had long, not quite platinum, blonde hair the reacher her torso, and stunning blue eyes. Green braces graced her smile as she nervously darted her eyes back and forth. Jasper on the other hand, had short sandy brown hair, and mesmerizing hazle eyes, with flakes of gold. He had a simple smile played across his lips, but they stayed pressed together.

Something about these two made Niall go mad. He had to tell some one, but we wanted to wait to first break. Louis was going to be the first or only to hear about this. 

Louis (Lou) Tomlinson, has been Niall's best friend since grade school, now as for the other three, not too much. Even though Lou was dating Haz, he still kept Niall's secrets safe. It's kind of weird now that Niall thinks about it. He best friend had never shown any signs that he was attracted to the same sex, well not until Harry first moved here.

Louis and Harry hit it off on his first day. Instant friends, which in turn, with all of them. Liam, Zayn, and Niall. The biggest shocker was when they all decided to hang out but Harry and Louis were taking too long. That day they went to go get Lou and when they opened his door, Harry was on top of Lou, shirtless, and snogging his face off. They accepted them none the less, and actually encouraged it.

Mrs. Norberry was mid lecture when the bell rang. Niall got to the commons as fast as he could to meet up with Lou and the others.

"Lou, I need to talk to you." Niall said between breaths.

"What is it mate?" He had a curious look on his face.

"Alone please."Niall was still panting.

"Haz stay here I'll be right back. Okay?" Lou looked to his boyfriend, he nodded in response. 

After they got safely out of view Niall started talking.

"So, I think I may have found someone I fancy." He said, and a smile spread across Lou's face.

"Oh my god! Really Who? Do I know her? Oh my god I can't believe it! I'm so happy for you!" Lou rapped his arms around Niall's neck affectionately.

"Technically it is two people, but I don't know who I like more." A sheepish grin spread on his lips with his confession.

"Well spill. I want to know who they are." Louis pleaded.

"They are new students," He paused for a second, "both of them are." A light blush invaded Niall's cheeks.

"Wait. No! What? We only have two and only one of them is a girl."  His eyes grew wide. "Since when did you become bi? I thought we shared everything! I can-" Niall held his hand up to cut off the yammering trap.

"What about you and Haz? When you two started dating, I didn't know. So don't play the 'we share everything' card." Niall smirked at his friend.

"Fine whatever, but theres a real problem here." He let out an exasperated sigh, "you can't be with both of them." Niall's expression changed into a deep frown.

"I know, but when they walked in to class this morning I couldn't look away from either of them. I don't know what to do Lou." Louis' had a small smile on his face.

"I say you should talk to both of them and get to know them better so you can find out which you like more." Harry walked out from behind the corner, and Niall's face dropped.

"I told you to stay there!" Louis protested.

"I couldn't wait that long for a kiss, and besides I can help with this." He looked to Niall and smiled.

"Ni, I'm sorry, but he really could. I mean sure he's very nosy, but I'm sure he already knows a bit about them both." Niall poped his head up.

"Really?" Niall sounded a little too eager.

"Yeah, lets see here." He pulled out a small note pad from his back pocket. "Jasper Kaine Sayer,  he had gorgeous golden-hazle eyes, silky-soft sandy-brown hair, and he is mute. He learned sign language from a young age, through his permanent foster parents. And Laura Elizabeth Croft, she is pretty much the normal american teen, except for the fact that her aunt is Mrs. Croft, the woman who owns the really big estate on the edge of town."

"Wait, she is her niece? And what do you mean 'permanent' foster parents?" Niall looked confused.

"He didn't get put into foster care for nothing," he let out a sigh that sounded sad, "his birth parents actually removed his vocal cords when he was little. His father was a surgeon, emphasis on was, DHS took him away from them and he was put into foster care. At about age 10, a couple took him in, and actually decided to keep him. Just last year they actually adopted him."

Niall and Louis had a look of pure sadness  at the heart-wrenching story. "The couple taught him sign language, and decided to move back home. You know the Able's? Right? Those are his parents now." Harry added.

"Yeah I live right next door, real sweet pair." all their heads shot up at the sound of the bell. "If you know anything else text me. Please?" Niall asked quickly rushing off to class.

"You got it!" Harry yelled back.

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