Road Trip To Vegas

The summer breeze, laying on the beach looking at cute guys. All of those things were a long interesting round trip away for Claire and all of her friends.


1. Hit The Road

Honk Honk

"I'm coming!" I yell through my red front door. I grab my white flowed suitcase packed with clothes for the road trip. I run out the door throwing my suit case into my friends van. I run back into my house grabbing the activity bag, cooler packed with food and my purse. I run out to the car and once again put the bags in the van. I run inside saying good bye to my family one last time. I was leaving for my senior trip. I just finished high school and I was starting college in a few months. 

After saying my goodbyes, I ran out the door with my white knee length dress flowing behind me. I hop into my friends car waving behind to my parents...this summer is going to be a good one.

"Ready?" my friend Nicole asks. Nicole was driving us during our senior trip. Her straight blonde hair was tied into a ponytail  and her brown eyes are shielded from the blazing sun due to her sunglasses.

"Ready" I reply tying my own straight brown hair into a ponytail. I opened my brown purse looking for my sunglasses to protect my hazel eyes. I find them and i put them on the top of my head for when we start on the road. 

"Aren't you excited?!" my friend Eleanor squeals. 

"Yes!" another squeal comes from one of the front seats, Piper. Piper had strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes while Eleanor was a brunette with green eyes.  

I smile to myself as Nicole pulls out of my blacktop drive way and drives away from my brick house we were on our way to the best summer of our life.


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