The One that Got Away

When I was 16 years old I meet a boy named Harry on vacation . I got pregnant and had a baby girl named Darcy . She is 2 now and has never met her Father. My Brother is coming home today from tour and is bringing some of his friends to meet me and Darcy , but I never expected it to be him.


3. Remeeting my summer love

It was the face of Harry styles the father of my babb girl Darcy. We glced at each other and then he looked at Darcy who jumped out of my arms and was running sayin " Uncle leeum uncle leeeeum your home!!" For a 2 year old she had great speech and was very smart. Liam introduced us to the boys they seemed nice enough. As we drove home Darcy fell asleep again . We stopped at Nando's because I knew the boys were hungry and it was Nialls favorite . " I stay in the car until Darcy wakes up I'm not hungry" I sail. "I'll stay with you, I'm not hungry anyways" said Harry . Then the boys left , Harry and I sat in the car.

"So who is Darcy's dad?"

"Who do you think"


"Exactly , but just let's not talk about this around the boys or Darcy yet ok "

"Ok, Annabel I have missed you so much if I knew Darcy was alive I would of helped as much as I could"

"Oh Harry it's fine your here for now that's all that matters and I have missed you to. Darcy is so much like you and she has always wanted to meet you and the boys Liam always talked about you guys . She would not sleep for the last two days."

" Does Liam know that I am the father?"

"No, he has no idea ."
Then we kissed , and it was perfect but it ended because Darcy started to cry. Harry got her to be quite by singing an at that moment I knew he was going to be a perfect father.

So do you like leave comments , favorite , and tell me if you have any ideas. Love Abby

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