Irresistable Romance

I'd like to give a massive shout out to @OurFiveBoysFromTheStairs aka Maria!

What will Maria do after she has just finished high school? Will she choose to attend her top college or live her dream?


2. Making A Decision


 I was about to go on twitter to check my mentions but before I did, I checked my email inbox. When it loaded I was so surprised to see that....

I got a letter from the college I applied to (which had always been my dream college). I read the email and was jumping for joy when I saw that I got in! I reloaded again before I logged off and this time I saw an email from the Xfactor UK. I had decided to sign up for the Xfactor because all my friends and family were urging me to sign up since a few years ago. Only this year it was when I built up enough courage to sign up.

I read the email and I was screaming and dancing all around the room when I realised I had made it into my dream college and I made it onto the Xfactor. But as I continued reading the Xfactor email, I saw that they had congratulated me on getting into the college but as I read further into the email it said 'We are sorry to disappoint you but only one will have to be chosen. We would love that you would get to attend your dream school but to be in the competition, you can only choose one.' I was devastated and then I thought for a moment. I thought I saw something just like that in the email for college and like I said in the email for my school, it said pretty much the same thing.


I would never be able to decide! Dream College. Xfactor Dream. Dream College. Xfactor Dream. Ahhh my mind's gonna BLOW! My mind is telling me Dream College but my heart is telling me Xfactor Dream. Well as the saying goes 'Follow you heart not your mind'. So I guess it's Xfactor but I still really want to attend my Dream College. Why do decisions in life have to be so hard?! Oh well, I will just go with Xfactor Dream, I believe I can do it! I had a feeling that Xfactor would bring me something good, something that would change my life forever and hopefully, in a good way!


I did it! I finished the chapter! How many of you really thought Maria was going to choose college? Be 100% honest. And comment if you DID think she was going to choose Xfactor. Thanks for the support, love it!

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