Irresistable Romance

I'd like to give a massive shout out to @OurFiveBoysFromTheStairs aka Maria!

What will Maria do after she has just finished high school? Will she choose to attend her top college or live her dream?


7. I need another co-author!

I'm sorry but this is an A/N. Look, I'm trying hard but I have so much going on around me.. Homework all that plus I've gotten really into reading 15 fanfics at once so blame those writers for writing books that are so addictive!!


Hayles is busy as well so I am asking for another co-author to work alongside us! I need someone who is committed and will help me get this book finished. Someone who will write a chapter and then notify me when theyre done so I can check through it... someone I can rely on..


The first person to ask to be my new co-author is in!

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