Irresistable Romance

I'd like to give a massive shout out to @OurFiveBoysFromTheStairs aka Maria!

What will Maria do after she has just finished high school? Will she choose to attend her top college or live her dream?


4. I Knew You Were Trouble


Nooo! This A/N is at the beginning come on get on with the story! Lol. I know some of you might be swifties and some haters of Taylor Swift. Well honestly I'm neither so I'm inbetween. But I can understand that after the Haylor breakup why Directioners hate on her. It's because we're worried Taylor will be writing songs about OUR sweetheart. So, I hate the song I knew you were trouble because Taylor wrote it about Harry and it's not very nice. Well, on with the story now...


Harry's P.O.V 

We had an amazing day, all the auditions were great! But there was one girl in particular that stood out to me, she said her name was Maria Heart Taurence. What a BEAUTIFUL name, I was going to ask her if she was single but it was a stupid question so I let it go because a gorgeous girl like her would never be a single pringle. Since we are the judges and each of us had to keep a copy of each contestants application, I got Maria's number. I was thinking about being the cheeky flirt I always am. I started a conversation with her:

Harry: Hi Maria, this is Harry Styles, your judge.

Maria: You can't be stop harrasing me, stalker! How'd you get my number?!

Harry: It's me. Remember, I said that I haven't seen you around but you're beautiful? I'm a judge, management gave each of us a copy of every contestants' application. 

Maria: Okay, I'm starting to believe you but prove it!

Harry: Okay but you have to open you blinds.

Maria: Why? Okay, I will do it anyways.

All the boys were surrounding me in my room. According to my Find my iPhone app, it said that Maria was one of my neighbours! I saw the blinds from the house next to mine open and there stood a shocked Maria. To be honest I was pretty shocked too and so were the boys! Maria turned to her phone and started tapping the screen which got the boys and I quite confused, was she texting a friend? I hoped she wasn't because before I could blink there would've been a mob of fans and paps outside my house which drives my mum crazy. A few seconds later, my phone buzzed, indicating that I had received a text and it was from Maria. I was so relieved she wasn't texting her friends. 

Maria: OMG! I've been your neighbour all these years and still haven't seen you!

Harry: I know right?! I guess I've been too busy with my friends and my other neighbour, Charlotte. 

Maria: Tell me a bit about this Charlotte....

Harry: Are you jealous?

Maria: No! I have a lovely boyfriend and his name is James! Okay, maybe just a bit but why does it matter? I mean you probably have your eye on some other girl or should I say woman like Caroline Flack?~ :P

I stopped reading that message and looked up to see Maria smirking. Haha very funny but what she didn't know was that I had my eye on her!

Harry: Well Charlotte is 19 just like me and she was born on 4th February 1994. She has long curly brown hair and green eyes and she is very athletic. We went to the same school together and she is no more than a friend not even a best friend.

Maria: Hmm, I see. Well my real birthday is on the same day as yours Mr Styles and the rest. But I tell everyone that my birthday is on the 12th of February...

Harry: But, why?

Maria: You'll find out soon. Sorry got to go or my um maid will tell my mum that I'm cheating and stuff. But I do love James very much. I'm sorry I know you're MY FLIRT but I've got a relationship going on so yea.... Bye!

And then she went offline (they were on something like Viber). "Damn Harry! Looks like your girl is taken!" Niall exclaimed. "Yea" I replied sadly. "Well, you can get her to be in the Mega Best Friends Zone with you and if something happens to her or between James and Maria then you'll be there!" Louis explained. "I like your thinking, Boobear but I don't think they'll ever split I mean, look" I said, pointing towards the window which still had the blinds open. None of the other boys noticed what was going on Maria's side as they were all looking at me. Maria and some boy which I was guessing was James, were making out on the bed and I felt so jealous. That should be me.... It looked so wrong but I know it'd be right if I was with her! Wait a minute it looks wrong because he's opening his eyes and he's on his phone? "Oh my god! He's texting some girl called Britney." Zayn announced and he could see because he had the binoculars which was being passed around. "What the hell?! He's cheating!" Liam said. Both lucky and unlucky enough, Louis had caught the whole thing on camera since I showed them that they were making out. "Okay, Louis zoom in to the phone and his open eyes." I instructed. "Yes, sir" Louis said. We all started laughing. After our laugh fest we decided to stop spying and we all went into separate rooms to sleep in. 


Maria's P.O.V

I woke up to the groaning coming from nextdoor? Oh right holy moly, I just remembered I live right next to Harry Styles! EVerything suddenly came flooding in from last night. Oh lord, I left my window open, did Harry see me making out with James? Oh no no no! I also just realised that I was half naked! Please tell me I didn't sleep with James, please please please! I suddenly got me a text that made the whole world stop around me, all that mattered was Harry.

Harry: Good morning, I see you're awake aswell.

Maria: Yea, did you see us making out last night?

Harry: Just you guys kissing and being touchy but nothing furthermo- Oh my god, did you sleep with him?! You're freakn half naked!

Maria: Stop looking! And I think so I honestly don't remember the whole thing.

Harry: Come over please! Now! I need to talk to you, urgently!
Maria: Coming!

5 minutes later, I was at Harry's door, ringing the bell. Harry opened the door for me, dragged me to his room and closed the door. Why did he seem so fustrated, angry and...hurt? "What's wrong, Mr flirty?" I asked, a bit worried. He passed me my phone which had a video and I pressed play. Oh my god, James and I WERE making out and the boys DID see it! I kept watching and realised what was going on when I heard the boys talking. I was near the end of the video and saw that the camera was zooming into our faces? OMG! James was opening his eyes and on his phone but what was he doing with it? Soon enough I found out. The camera zoomed onto James' phone and he was talking to a girl named Britney and he profile pic looked like she was 100 times prettier than me. Harry seemed to read my mind and said, "Don't worry, love she's not any where near as pretty as you!" I just blushed, "Aww thanks Harry!". Their conversation was something like this:

James: Sup, hot stuff?

Britney: Hey Jamesy babe. What are you doing?

James: hah funny you ask. I'm having one with some one- night stand. 

Britney: That one- night girl better get out! 

James: She will soon, trust me, britty hots.

And that was all the conversation I could read. I started crying in realisation of what James had done to me and suddenly got a text from James, THE JERK! 

James: Hey babe, where are you, I just woke up. 

Maria: Never with you!

James: What?! Why?!

Maria: Don't act like I don't know. Go run away with Britney.

James: Whatever, she's 100 times better than you!

Maria: That's it, we're over! I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE! 

James: haha, like I'd ever want to see you again. I'm already out of your house. 

I stopped messaging James and looked outside Harry's window to the front of my house. There was a really nice car which must've been really expensive and I saw James get in an kiss the girl who was driving. I guess she was Britney. "Don't worry, Maria, I will be here for you no matter what" Harry comforted me. "Really Harry, you will take care of me?" I asked. "Yes. I was kind of wondering if you wanted to be like mega best friends or something" Harry suggested. "Uh, okay since you don't want to be anything further than that. Sure" I responded. Harry smiled and I started singing: I knew you were trouble by Taylor Swift. Of course it was awkward because she wrote it about Harry, I'm so dumb! At the end, Harry clapped and said, "Wow you were amazing! Have you had any experience before?" Harry asked. "You will find out sooner or later" I told him...

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