Irresistable Romance

I'd like to give a massive shout out to @OurFiveBoysFromTheStairs aka Maria!

What will Maria do after she has just finished high school? Will she choose to attend her top college or live her dream?


5. Clues

Harry's P.O.V

Yet again, I was told that I'll find out sooner or later. Wait a minute, are these clues? 1) Maria's real birthday is on 1st of February but she's tells everyone it's on the 12th. 2) I will find out sooner or later if she has had any singing experience. But if both of them are true then Maria's birthday is on the 1st of February and she has had singing experience but why would she want to hide that? Isn't it an amazing talent? I wonder what she could be hiding  would it affect her coureer or our relationship? I just needed to know! "Maria, you know how you've been telling me that I'll find out sooner or later when I ask you about specific things?" I asked out of the blue. Maria's head suddenly snapped up from her phone. "I um well yea" she responded nervously. "Are they clues to the thing I don't know?" I asked curiously. "Uh well erm um I guess er so" she responded more nervous than I had ever seen her. "Is it personally confidential" I asked. "Well yea it's highly confidential for great purposes" she replied. "I see. So, how are your mother and father?" I asked hoping that'd lead me to another clue but at the same time I was hoping that I hadn't made her upset which I did because Maria started tearing up a bit. "Well, actually my um dad passed away a year ago and my mum has had to work non stop ever since. The only reason why I'm wealthy is because my family actually owns a business and I'm meant to take over it when I'm 20 which is next year" Maria told me. "Oh sorry to hear that. Are you really going to take on the company and give up your coureer if you win?" I asked getting upset now aswell. "Well, it depends. I can't really make that decision until the end" Maria replied. "Yea, I guess so but don't worry you will get through due to your amazing talent" I complimented. "Thanks Harry but don't put me through just because we're friends." she reassured me. "Don't worry no body will be cheating. But I will cheer you on" I said. "Okay thanks" she said, relieved. 


I didn't find out that much out of that conversation. The only thing I found out was that her father passed away 1 year ago so next year when Maria is 20 she'll have to take on the business.



So so so sorry for the short chapter, I regret it! But I didn't have that much time! I will try to make it much longer next time.

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