I'll Love You Forever

Alexandra (widely known as the "Freak" at her school) becomes friends with the new boy Zayn... Will they become more than friends?


3. Lunch Time!

Zayn's P.O.V

Alexandra fell asleep during class. She looked so peaceful,i couldn't dare wake her up. Although, I should've. The teacher saw her sleeping and asked her this question. She had no idea what the answer was. I knew, so I wrote it down quickly and showed her. Outside of class I waited so I could talk to her, she's really shy, but I wanna be the one to change that.
-"Hey Alexandra"

Alexandra's P.O.V

-"Hey Alexandra"

I look up and see Zayn smiling. "Oh hey" I whisper," thanks for giving me the answer" he laughs he replies " no problem!" He started to look nervous, he starts speaking, "Alexandra would you like to go to lunch with me? I was
shocked; no boy has ever asked me to go to lunch, let alone a girl. He must've seen my expression because he started saying, " i mean if you don't- I cut him off and said I would love to.

Zayn's P.O.V
She agreed! She followed me to my car. I put the radio up loud, so there couldn't be an awkward silence. The song Locked Out Of heaven by Bruno Mars came on and
Alexandra's P.O.V

He was an amazing singer! before I knew it we were both singing at the top of our lungs. He pulled into this sushi place. He says to the woman inside "the usual" he turns to me and smiles' " what about you Lexi?" I've been here a couple of times, for special occasions; this place is pretty expensive. We take it to go and head back to his car. We're eating and listening to music when I see him trying to reach for a piece of sushi, i try to be daring and I take one and feed it to him. "Thanks love" he says with his mouth full. I blush.
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