I'll Love You Forever

Alexandra (widely known as the "Freak" at her school) becomes friends with the new boy Zayn... Will they become more than friends?


2. History Class

Alexandra's P.O.V

I was the last one to get to history and there was only one spot left; next to Zayn. I sat down as the professor drones on supposedly important events and i fall asleep. I was awoken because the teacher was repeating my name, he looks at me sternly and asks me a question; when did the revolutionary war
I had no idea, so i look around the room for inspiration. Zayn scribbles something in his notebook and tilts it ups slightly so I can see it. It was the answer! I looked back to the teacher and told him the what Zayn showed me. I just hoped Zayn didn't write random things so i could embarrass myself in front of everybody. The teacher was surprised and he sputtered, "w-we-well done Alexandra". Just then the bell rang.
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