Summer Love

18 year old Roni West moves to Doncaster with five of her bestfriends. She then finds out that her next door neighbour is Louis Tomlinson. Louis and the rest of the boys are on a 2 month vacation over the summer. Will the boys have Summer Love or will they spend their summer alone?


2. The Flight.

Roni and Jaelyn just got threw the security when they saw their friends looking for them. "Guys we're over here!" Jaelyn yelled making them turn around." Hi Alex,Jeannine,Rachell and where's Christina!" Roni asked." She's talking to that guy over there." Jeannine pointed to Christina." We should go to the waiting area." Rachelle said walking to the waiting area." CHRISTINA!!!!" Alex yelled scaring Christina and the boy. Christina came running over." So who's the guy." All of us asked." His name is Louis he's going to Doncaster too."Christina replied." Wow he has the same name as Louis Tomlinson and lives in the same place. (Just so you know there really big directioners) " Flight to Doncaster leaves in 10 minutes." The intercome said." Let's go guys."Roni said as they walked to the plane.
On the plane
"Please buckle your seatbelts as we are about to take off." All they heard was people buckling seatbelts. It's Roni's first time one a plane so during take off she held onto Jaelyn's hand. Her grip kept getting tighter and tighter." Ok you can let go now take off is over." She let go then whispered "I'm scared." "It's going to be ok."
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