Summer Love

18 year old Roni West moves to Doncaster with five of her bestfriends. She then finds out that her next door neighbour is Louis Tomlinson. Louis and the rest of the boys are on a 2 month vacation over the summer. Will the boys have Summer Love or will they spend their summer alone?


3. Landing

" YES the flight is over!" Roni yelled." Yes the flight is over." Jeannine said releaved. I guess she afraid of planes too. " Okay so we have to call my uncle to pick us up." Christina dialled her uncle phone number on her cellphone." Hello, yah we're at the airport now. Ok." " He'll be here in ten minutes." " K, what shall we do in ten minutes." Jeannine asked. "EAT!" Jaelyn yelled. "Agree !" We all got a snack. Jaelyn called her mom to tell her she's fine." Hi mom,I'm fine I miss you too Bye." She then hung up. " Ok he should be here by now." Christina said looking for a blue mini van. " Is that him? " Rachelle asked. " Yes!! " Christina yelled.
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