Summer Love

18 year old Roni West moves to Doncaster with five of her bestfriends. She then finds out that her next door neighbour is Louis Tomlinson. Louis and the rest of the boys are on a 2 month vacation over the summer. Will the boys have Summer Love or will they spend their summer alone?


4. Home Sweet Home

" Hi,I'm Jaelyn and this is Roni,Rachelle,Jeannine and you probably know her but this is Christina!" Jaelyn said pointing at everyone." Hello, I'm Jack. Christina is my niece." He said in a British accent. He drove them to McDonalds cause he thought they were pretty hungry. Which they were. "Can I get a Big Mac meal and a vanilla milkshake." Jaelyn asked. "Ok that would be $23.07." The cashier told her. She was about to pay when a Irish boy offered to pay." No I'm fine I can pay for myself." Jaelyn told him. " No I insist." The Irish boy said. "Fine." Jaelyn agreed. He payed the cashier then winked at Jaelyn. She blushed then smiled at the ground. She got her order and walked back to the table." Who was that guy that payed for you." Christina asked curious." I don't know actually. He's just some stranger." Jaelyn replied. Roni pointed behind Christina. Standing there was the guy that payed for Jaelyn. "Excuse me is that your friend. I payed for her food." He asked Christina." Hi,yah she's my friend and why'd you pay for her? " Christina raised an eyebrow. "I thought she was cute. Ok" The boy replied. "What's your name?" Rachelle asked. "Oh,I'm Niall." He replied." You should go talk to her." Jeannine stated. He walked over to Jaelyn." Hi,I never got your name." He said." Oh,Jaelyn!" Jaelyn said putting out a hand. He shook it. Me and my friends over there were wondering in you would like too sit with us? " Niall asked.
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