Summer Love

18 year old Roni West moves to Doncaster with five of her bestfriends. She then finds out that her next door neighbour is Louis Tomlinson. Louis and the rest of the boys are on a 2 month vacation over the summer. Will the boys have Summer Love or will they spend their summer alone?


1. Doncaster !

"Mom we're leaving in 10! " Roni yelled from her room. Knock knock. " Come in." Roni said. " Aww,my baby is all grown up." Mrs.West sang as she squeezed Roni 's cheeks. " I call her room! "
Roni's little brother Enzo screamed running in the room. I wish my mom had closed that door she thought " Yah,when I'm dead." Roni said making Enzo pout." I'm going to miss that sense of humour. You better get going Jaelyn is waiting down stairs." Mr. West said walking into Roni's room. "Ok,dad." Roni said about to cry." I'll go get Gabbi and Migal." Mrs. West said walking out of her room." Meet us downstairs mom." Everybody walked downstairs. "Bye guys. I'm really going to miss you guys and I love you." Roni said and at this point everyone was crying. Her Dad brought her bags to Jaelyn's car. When Roni got into the car Jaelyn was looking at pictures of her family. She looked up at Roni who was smiling." Shall we get going." Jaelyn sighed."I can't believe we're old enough to move all the way to Doncaster." Jaelyn screamed.
At the Airport
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