Valentines Day

Katy and Melissa go to england and meet two boy unexpetently and end up falling in love with them but will those two boy love them back? what happens once the 2 boys find out?


9. wedding plans

 On the way home from the hospital me and Harry start jamming to music it was funny and cute. Then I started thinking about the wedding again. I turned down the music and told him straight up

"We need to start talking about the wedding" He looking suprized and kinda realived at the same time.

"I thought I was gonna have to say something" I felt kinda insulted but I let it slide knowing it wasn't on porpose. I blacked out for the whole day after that when I woke up it was 1:00 in the morning. I was so lost. Plus Harry wasn't even in the house he completely fanished, did like a zombie apocolipes happen the whole time or something? Course not, but I think we might be in fight. I still had my ring, so if it was it wasn't a serious fight. I went to Niall's house and told him what happened and told me he hasn't herd from Harry since the hospital insedint. I started to panic, I don't even know why, just did so I went home and started crying, Melissa came to my room and tried to calm me down. Didn't work.  I started hyporventalating and passed out. I woke up in the hospital....AGAIN!I didn't see Harry, started crying again, so the doctor told me to calm down and he will try to find him. He did and now it was 2:00 in the afternoon. When I saw him I started crying. He hugged me and asked me what happened. I said the most cheesy thing ever

" I missed you okay, all I know is we were in the car jamming to music one second and the next im in bed without you, I surched everywere for you, I started crying and gave up and I passed out" He told me that we was gonna find a wedding dress and I guess I freaked out on him and so he said he'll call me in a few days to let me cool off but he got the wedding dress. He is the best. Out of now were Niall comes running in the room and goes to Melissa and he kisses her and says

" Im sorry I went off on you im just a little freaked out about the whole thing cause I was gonna get you a ring today and you thought I was gonna go cheat cause I couldn't tell you were I was going I am truly sorry, will u forgive me, and marry me?"
" Of course!!!!" she said happy and more full of joy than yesterday before the whole weird thing happened. I can assure you that me and Melissa are gonna have a wedding on the same day.

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