Valentines Day

Katy and Melissa go to england and meet two boy unexpetently and end up falling in love with them but will those two boy love them back? what happens once the 2 boys find out?


8. Trying

As me, Melissa and Harry are hugging together Harry looks at us and takes us to the kitchen. Im still in Harrys tshirt. Melissa looked at me with the look that clearly asked " you were..omg im so sorry i interupted" she opened her eyes very wide and her tears were wiped away by Harrys large hands. I started laughing cause her confusion and so did she. Harry turned around and picked me up so im in his arms and my legs are swung on to his hips. Me and Harry start making out and Melissa just staring at us. I think Harry felt bad so of course he did what any guy like him would do he asked

"Wanna join us?" Melissa's eyes shot up and her cheeks became bright red. She said the weirdest thing she has ever said in our 9 year friendship. " so a three some huh? YESS" My eyes widened open so big Harry looked into my eyes and said " babe is that okay with you cause i know you both are pregnat and best friends and all." " Its fine with me, I guess that's just awkward cause were dating and your best friend is kinda dating my best friend at the moment" I explain quite in depth. It almost seemed to me that Harry got hit with lust out of no were. I was still wrapped around Harry with my legs like his own clothes. I went to kiss him and he asks " so can we?" we seemed like a child for a moment begging for a sleepover. Soon  I will have those, I cant wait, but I replied to Harry almost like a mother would. " Okay fine but we cant tell Niall if he EVER asks" of course when I say Niall im referring to Harry in a way. All three of us went upstairs and Melissa seemed a lot more cheerful when she changed and got on a tshirt of Harrys. I feel like she porposly came to our house, and she knew this was going to happen but that's not Melissa. Melissa isn't sneaky, well super sneaky and  I feel bad but I think I don't want to have a three some it would be weird.  I don't know what to do like its weird and telling them now wont do anything unless, I start to have fake contractions that makes them stop. Seems good for me, ill do that. Two minutes later I acted so amazing. My big belly actually started to have contractions, so of course I tell Harry quickly and I guess he comes out of his lust state and into his father/husband state. He gave me some pants and he picked me up and took me to the car, we left Melissa inside. The sad thing is Niall was at the emergency room when I was there with Harry, I went to my doctor and he said the baby is fine and healthy luckly.

" See sometimes contractions feel very unconfrontable and sometimes they can be painful and in this case unconfrontable. If they are ever painful that's when you need to worry that's when the baby is starting to wrap around the cord and can die very easy." The doctor explained. I started to look at my wedding ring and dazed off into thought about the wedding. I don't want to be pregnant and in a wedding dress, but I don't want my baby to see her in the wedding. Well maybe we can get married before I have my baby and im still kinda tiny I can look good in a wedding dress. I think.



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