Valentines Day

Katy and Melissa go to england and meet two boy unexpetently and end up falling in love with them but will those two boy love them back? what happens once the 2 boys find out?


4. The Ugly Truth

MELISSA'S POV: I woke up from a knock on the door. I open the large glass door and it was Niall with all of his bags from the trip. He was early from his trip, HE WAS EARLY FROM HIS TRIP!I relized that he would have to know and I didnt want to tell anyone maybe I dont have to tell anyone unless the doctor tells him. 

" Niall!!Your early!! I excliamed while he dropped all of his bags and picked me up and twirled me around. I looked happy until he put me down and i had my hands hooked around his neck. Kissing his neck in a worried face I told him ..

" Babe um um" He looked worried. He thought I was going to say died and he was nearly crying when I finished the sentence " the doctor said the baby was premuture" A huge grin went across my face when he smiled and went for a kiss and while we made out i jumped in his arms, he caught me and we kissed closing the door him taking his luggage inside while we were kissing. I was in my pajamas watching tv and Niall cooking some food. Katy runs down the short staircase while Niall was cooking the bacon. She screams... 

 " Harry? Are you here yet?" No one answered her I could feel the hurt in her voice when she got downstairs and said 
 "I guess not. Hey Niall weres Harry?" She knew something was up when Harry wasnt there and Niall was. Niall didnt answer until she went over to him and grabbed Nialls arms not very harsh though and asked him again. He looked scared to tell her but he knew he had to tell her.

" Um well he um is going to suprise you " Niall said slipping out of her grip. She was so happy she had to ask what he was getting for her. " OMG I told to much already dont tell Harry I told you" Niall finidhed the sentence with his eyes in shock he told her. Within 3 minutes later Harry walks in and runs upstairs to wake Katy up but dosent see her there. He runs to the kitchen with the present behind his back. Katy ran to him she jumped into his arms hugging him and he caught her with the present behind her now.

" Harry !! OH MY GOD I missed you so so much!!"She kissed his lips and all over his neck. He smiled while he put her down. He had an exsited look on his face while he shook the present box. He also had flowers which was very sweet I felt like something good was going to happen to that cute cupple. Something to bond them for life. Something that no one could change or do about it. Something dramatic that pulls them closer together. I will find out eventually.  Her big t-shirt that Katy was waring Harry saw and asked

" Who's t-shirt is that?" Harry said while smiling and putting there hips together both of them smile and blushing also giggling. Katy had no need to reply to his comment. They sat down with us at the table and Katy opened her present it was a pendent that said never going to let you go.

KATY'S POV: Omg the pendent is so beautiful. I'm going to ware it everyday. Its silver and on the bottom of the pendent it says the writing. I started to tear up when i turned to hm and hug him so tight he wasnt expecting me to squeeze him so tight and he made a groun to tell me he knows i like the present.

" Omg I love it Harry!" I said while wipping the tears coming done my face.

" Oh babe I thought you would the minute I saw it." Harry said to help himself get a kiss. Which he got a lot of kisses. Harry stayed til 2:30pm he asked me to meet him at his place for a romantic dinner. He left with Niall. They both had to get dressed because Niall invited Melissa. Melissa got really moody within the day with me but no one else. She seemed a bit jelous but she could of been just her hormones. She started to look diffrent bigger in the tummy,her baby was growing. Which is a good thing. When the boys left me and Melissa got ready and we took a shower in our bathrooms. Within 2 hours I was ready Melissa took about 30 extra minutes than me because she kept messing up her make-up.

****Driving to Nialls****

I dropped Melissa off at Niall's house she ran out of the car and into Niall's arms when he gave me the thumbs up to go I knodded and waved goodbye. I drove to Harry's house in my mini skirt and purple shirt that was puffy and I wore a purple tank top under the puffy shirt. I parked the car at the curve of his driveway. I walked up and was seconds from knocking on the door when Harry opened the door with his tuxedo on and he leand in the doorway infront of me. I could tell he was home alone. Which for Harry obviouly ment he wanted to do "it" but was to shy to tell me. He went in for a kiss and to make him want me more I rejected him and he scoffed when I went passed him and walked in to his dark house which set the mood.

I went into the kitchen were he led me to my seat and we had a romantic dinner. We had spaggettii and meatballs eventhough we didnt get to the meatballs. We ate the spaggettii together kissing in the middle. I'm guessing he wanted to get some wine and when he came back he did and with a tiny box. I had no clue what the box was for then he set it on the table and with the wine he opened it and it was a RING. He went on one knee and asked me "Katy will you mary me?" He said so gental. I teared up making him think they were happy tears but they were tears because I had to reject him and I hugged him and nodded my head and said  "Babe its too soon dont you think?" I could tell he was in love with me and I was falling in love with him but he was rushing things and I knew he was ready but I wasnt he understood but I didnt let that make anything awkward. I made it a perfect reason to let him have me. I may have had a bit to much wine but I slept over his house and when I woke up it was like the first time all over again. But I was a bit more sore all over. I was in his t-shirt again and he was a bit diffrent he seemed like he was hiding something. Seconds later after I woke up I puked and then I knew it. He knew it. I was pregnat and that was why he had asked me to marry him, he had planned the whole thing out he knew I would say he had been rushing it all. He knew I would be gulty and he knew I  would lat him have me. I love that he knows me so well but I hate he would be so sneaky about it.



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