Valentines Day

Katy and Melissa go to england and meet two boy unexpetently and end up falling in love with them but will those two boy love them back? what happens once the 2 boys find out?


3. The Big Suprize


"Omg what with who?" I replied scared that she will give it up for adoption, or abortion.

"I'm not sure but I think its Niall." I was so shocked but i thought, what is he dosent want it,makes her give it up for adoption, makes her abortion the baby, or worse DUMP her.

"Are you going to tell him ?" I asked hoping she would and explain why.

" I don't know should I?" Melissa asked me.

" OF COURSE, he is the father you must?" I told Melissa. Later that night Harry texted me his twitcam i got on and we talked about everything since he had left evenMelissa being pregnat and the boys from the diner Harry got a bit jelouse but i told him there was no reason to be jelly. I asked him to put Niall on and everyone else but Niall knew that Melissa was pregnat. I told him something happened to Melissa. Wich was true. The boys started laughing when Niall over reacted.

" OMG HOW CAN YOU GUYS BE LAUGHING WHILE SOMETHING HAPPENED TO THE BEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!"Niall yelled at all the boys. Right after he said that Melissa walked in twiddling her thumbs on my bed, she had no view of Niall while she was twiddling her thumbs I  gestured my finger over my mouth to be quiet.

"OMG Katy how do I tell Niall I'm pregnat?Hey Niall im pregnat!" Melissa told Niall without knowing he was there right when I saw her say that my hand went over my mouth and I pointed to my computer screen and Niall's jaw was down in estonishment. Melissa got so sad she started running for the door when Niall said

" Don't leave when we need to figure out baby names." Melissa was so happy but not as happy as i was. Melissa and Niall talked for 30 miutes and got 17 names down for each gender. They had to leave because Niall had to go to the studio and Melissa had to go get to work for some extra cash.

NIALL'S POV:  When i found out i was going to be a father I was so happy. When i was in the limo i asked

" is the reason you were laughing is because you all knew ?"

"yupp" Harry replied drinking some soda and thinking of Katy. He started liking her since the moment he laid his eyes on her,i had to ask for directions to her house to make it seem sweet to her friend and the mother of my soon to be baby. Melissa is everything i have always dreamed funny, sweet,and care free.

I am so happy for this baby i wrote a song to sing to him or her when they can't sleep.



i went out to go to work. I got over $50 in tips my check comes in tomarrow so I can get some baby needs like diapers and bottles.

****NEXT DAY****

I woke up and Katy was on her computer with Harry she couldnt wait til he came back from australia she missed him so much i sware i herd her cry herself to sleep for the past week. I took a shower and got dressed for getting some baby supplies. Katy had work today but she worked the lunch so she is coming with me to get some things at the store. When we got there i lost Katy she was getting drinks for when Niall and Harry come over. We were out within 5 minutes and Katy got her uniform on and headed for work.

When Katy was gone i went on her computer because i got bored and Niall called i answered it and he didnt expect me but he wanted me to be there .

" oh hey babe i was just calling to talk to you thats funny."Niall said when he saw Melissa on the computer.

" Hey um whats up ?"Melissa replied. Niall was in the rehursing studio. Melissa was going to the doctor in 30 minutes so she had to go.


The doctor said that the baby is healthy but seems a bit to small for a week or 2 of being pregnat the doctor said it might be a prematchure baby. "how am i going to tell anyone?" i asked myself.




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