Valentines Day

Katy and Melissa go to england and meet two boy unexpetently and end up falling in love with them but will those two boy love them back? what happens once the 2 boys find out?


2. Missing them



" I bet they have have a twitcam like everyone else in London has" Katy said with a sarcatice tone, while  we were walking to our new job. The second we walk in 6 boys start to stare at us like we were the prittiest girls in the room which we were. All of them start walking to us then look around and start running. Me and Katy both felt like "um no we have boyfriends that are amazing" we never said that but we both thought it. They all asked the same thing.

" How can i help you pritty girls?" me and Katy replied...

" This is our first day what do we do first?" the boys looked at each other like " omg we get to work with them." The nice boys helped us with our first day.... with everything. When me and Katy were walking down the street to our apartment the six boys all came and interduced themselfs. The one that was very tan and had blonde long hair like Harry's hair but blonde, his name was Conner ,  he was somewhat cute to Katy. You can tell when she likes a guy, she looks at a guy and like cant keep her eyes off them but she has Harry. The guy that next to him wasnt from here he was from the UNITED STATES like me and Katy. He was tall dark and had dark hair and his name was Adam he was somewhat cute. The boy that was the cutest of them all was Justin he was somewhat tall a bit taller than me and Katy but around our hight he was very tan and dark hair but the most beautiful thing about him were his eyes they were sea blue so rare for a boy like him.The three others were not cute but very nice they were all brunnett and had brown eyes but one had green eyes and his name was Lucus the others names were Joey and he was from Ausrailia and the boy on the very end was William. They all walked us home. AWKWARD. They stayed over til we kicked them out when they got really drunk and we had to get them out they started to go on top of us. We both looked at eachother and comfurmed to get them home.


I woke up on the couch on the other side of the coach was Katy. My back was sore and so was Katy's back. Out of No were I throw up on the new carpet. Katy's face was so suprised her chin was down and her eyes were closed. Katy got a text message from Harry telling her he and Niall have a present for us and on Valentines Day we need to be prepared for an amazing time. It is only 5 more weeks until Valentines day and we need to shop before then so we go into work for some extra cash. The boys were'nt there and me and Katy were happy because it was only us 2 working tables that day so we got more tips. Saturday mornings are the bussyest days of the week with Sunday mornings. The boys told us practally everything about the job. Me and Katy worked til the diner closed witch was early since its only a breakfast and lunch resteraunt. We left the store at around 2:00pm and made about $40 bucks each plus the extra  $70 our parents gave us for anything we needed. We first went to the local market and i got some things me and Katy needed that wasnt food related like condoms and pregnace tests because of my random throw up this morning. We got some food to but we had to go home because the cable guy was coming over. When I got home I imedeiatly went to the bathroom so I could test my pregnacy.

The pregnacy test was positive and I screamed so loud our neighbor nocked on the door to see if we were ok but Katy answered not knowing why I screamed in the bathroom. She worked things out with the neighbor and i came out with my mouth dropped and Katy wondered what was wrong but the cable man was here and it took him about 30 minutes. By the time the cable man left, my jaw was still open.

"OMG MELISSA WHAT HAPPENED?"Katy yelled right when the cable man closed the door.

"I-I-I-IM PREGNET!!" I replied.


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