Valentines Day

Katy and Melissa go to england and meet two boy unexpetently and end up falling in love with them but will those two boy love them back? what happens once the 2 boys find out?


6. Harry's Birthday Party ( note: was published on his Birthday)

 HARRY'S POV: I woke up this morning from Niall and Katy screaming      " WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP ALREADY" I was about to slap Niall when Katy kisses me out of suprise. I open my eyes for the first time on my birthday. I felt weird like as if i am more mature but clearly my mind is the same. Her lips were so soft it made me less tense all over my body. She parted her lips from mine as I looked into her beautiful brown eyes.

" Well hello there my ray of sunshine" I told her while our lips parted.

" Hey birthday boy" Katy said while in her pajamas with her hair in pig tails. I guessing Niall just woke her up because her eyes were blinking slowly.

" No need to brag about being youthful" I smiled giving her a smill kiss on her cheek.

"Well" Katy said looking up and smiling, going along with my joke. I love everything about her just I dont want to tell her and not love me the way I love her.

" Were is Melissa?" I asked very confused. I looked at Niall knowing he would know were she was.

"She is still sleeping, my babys have to rest" Niall said in his irish accent. I nodded telling him I understand. We went downstairs to the kitchen were I was suprised to see my mom, my sister, and the band mates. I missed all of them so much. I cant believe anyone would do this for me. I turned and looked at Niall and Katy and I wispered in Niall's ear " who thought of this for me?" He looked at me dead in the eye and looked at Katy as she huged Zayn in a friendly welcome back. She wispered something in his ear and came over to me. I grinned showing my dimples. I put my arm around her waist to let her know that I will never let her go.

" Lets get this party started!" I yeld slitly and putting my right hand up. Melissa started tumbling downstairs.

" Wait Wait Wait we have to do presents first!" Melissa said when she got to the very bottom of the staircase. She held a present wrapped in little bows, only bows no wrapping paper. I smiled when I saw the cool  wrapped box. Zayn looked up from his feet and smiled.

"Good idea." Zayn said getting his present I blushed and looked down to see Katy was looking at me. She kissed my cheek and went out of my grip from her waist. Katy pointed to her room and nodded. She went to get my present, I nodded to let her know I understood. She ran upstairs to get the present and came back down within 30 seconds. It was wrapped and in a somewhat small box. Everyone got there presents from the pile by the window. It was so thoughtfull of Katy to do this for me. She went back to were she was with my arm around her waist. I opened Zayn's present to me first. It was another pendent for my collection. I bro hugged him then Katy wanted me to open hers next. It was a baby bib. I was so shocked. She told me she was pregnat in my ear. My eyes opened and I hugged her and picked her up and held her in my arms.

*****MELISSA'S POV*******

OMG I knew something would bond them together. I smiled that Harry took it so well. Now me and my best friend are pregnat at the same time. Now it was my turn for presents. He took off my cheep bows and saw it was a condom box. His eyes opened big and his cheeks started getting really red and he put it behind his back to hide it from his mum and sister.

" Do you like it?" I asked Harry as he still was blushing. He nodded slitly.

"I won't be able to use them for a while." Harry said while looking at Katy's belly. Katy kissed him on the lips and after, his dimples showed.

" Well " Katy said. Harry smiled in shock of how she would submit herself to him.

"After" Harry said while smiling and had a slite wink. I know they were both head over heels for eachother, just havent said anything yet. Niall came over to me and hugged me tight, but he made sure that he didnt skweeze to hard. I know I love Niall, but I am scared he is using me for a kid, NAW. He has to love me, right? I'll ask Katy later. Louis gave Harry his presesnt and it was a beenie that was blue. Harry loved it cause his favorite colour is blue. Harry gave Louis a bro hug and moved along to Liam. Liam gave Harry a new wallet and $100 dollars in it for anything. Liam knew Harry needed a new wallet, Harry got his wallet when he was 16 when he tryed out for X-FACTOR, Harry gave him a look that ment 'Thank you' . Harry's mother and sister were next and there present was together. They gave him a $400 luggage for travaling and then $400 cash. I wish I had family like that. Then it was Nialls turn. Niall got Harry tickets to a themepark whitch Harry is afraid of rollercoasters. Niall planned on that though. Then he also got him $100. He got him something, a t-shirt and coffee mug, it said #1 DAD. Niall went all out for Harry. Harry will go all out on Nialls birthday to. Me and Katy wondered upstairs to Harry's bedroom.

" Do you think Niall loves me?" I asked consurned.

" YEAH OF COURSE RETARD ITS NOT LIKE HE HAS A BABY WITH EVERYONE!" Katy explained. I sat on Harry's bed when Katy went to the bathroom, with the door closed.

" Harry asked me to marry him" Katy told me.

" Well I know you said yes, wait he what?" I said finally understanding what she had said.

" No i said no " Katy said, she looked like she wanted to edmit something to me.

" I said that because Niall has not proposed to you and I dont want to do that to you. I made another good point that I told him, I said to him ' your rushing things babe' but I wanted to say yes. So later I.. did. " She said it so perfect it didnt hurt at all but it did hurt that Niall hasnt proposed yet.

" Thats okay Niall not proposing isnt your falt I would of done the same thing." I opened up to her with my wise words. She started to tear up and sniffle. Then she leaded her head to my sholder, I felt bad that she feels bad about me. I started to feel so bad I started to cry with her, our emotions are so bad now since we are pregnat. We were hugging and crying into eachothers sholders when Niall and Harry come into the room. The depressing room. They hugged with us so conferting, but we didnt want to be seen in such a bad state. They loved us so much they turned us into their chest and we faced the oppisite sides now. They put their arms around us as we cried so deeply. The tears rolling down my face when I looked up, my eyes red and I kissed Niall on the lips for being there for me. I couldnt see Katy through my tears, but I think she did the same.





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