Valentines Day

Katy and Melissa go to england and meet two boy unexpetently and end up falling in love with them but will those two boy love them back? what happens once the 2 boys find out?


7. Edmitting It

Katy's pov: After Harrys birthday party I stayed over all night long discusing everything with Harry. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him, but I cant let those words slip out of my mouth. He started singing Little Things to me and I started crying I hugged him after and I edmitted it to him I told him I loved him. He looked at me deeply in my eyes and kissed me. He whispered in my ear

"I love you more,babe" I knew right there from how he said it and way he said it, he ment it. I finally told him the last secret I ever had.  Just right after he said that in his raspy voice I ran to his room nervous of his next move. I locked the door and slid to the floor with the door behind me. He finally started to nock gentaly to see if I was alright.

"Babe? Are you alright " He repeated a little louder and nocked a little harder. I started to agravate him and I think when he is agrivated he is hot. I let him get so mad he almost broke the door. I quickly changed to his shirt and nothing else and opened the door. Before he could react I jumped on him like I missed him. He cought me in his arms and was very confused.

"Babe, you scared me I thought something happened to you, you know answering people in England is very nice to have a conversation." Seconds later Melissa comes nocking hard on the door. I opened it waring just Harrys shirt. She was crying.

" What happened?" I said emedetly when I saw her.

"Its Niall, we got in an argument he broke a picture of me and him and I dont know I just left I knew it would be safe here, I knew he didnt love me." I started crying with her until Harry comes over and picks both of us up and sh's us to comvert us.


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