Valentines Day

Katy and Melissa go to england and meet two boy unexpetently and end up falling in love with them but will those two boy love them back? what happens once the 2 boys find out?


1. Bumping in to them

KATY'S POV : Me and my best friend Melissa are just now getting off the plane to our new home London we love it here already. Me and Melissa came here once before about a year ago at a school feild trip and loved it so much to move here together. We are moving into a small apartment not to far from the airport.

"Omg i cannot believe we are actually moving to London following our dreams " I giggled to Melissa.

" Yupp we are such retardes, I love it here but never thought i would actually convince you into moving here with me "Melissa grinned.

"Plus ONE DIRECTION is coming home for one week yay!! We just might bump into them if we are never home" I added. Melissa always convinced me into doing the most rediculous things but I really wanted to move here.  We all ready found jobs as waitresses at a local diner. Since it is close to Valentines Day we are so happy to be having our first Holiday here so soon. We got our bags from the baggage carrier and headed on our way to the exit. When out of the blue Niall and Harry come over to us asking for directions. Me and Melissa both looked at eachother and smiled.

"Were do u sexy fellas need to go?" We both said in our fake British accsences.

" Well thank you both for the compliments we need to go to your house" Niall said with his eye brows rased up very high. Me and Melissa giggled this fake laugh and showed them to our taxi that just pulled up. We gave the taxi our new address and he took off. We were at our small apartment within 10 minutes.Harry suggested he pay the taxi driver so we let him , we didnt want him to think wrong of us. While we walked up  I could tell Harry was trying to memorize our address and it was so flattering. Melissa opened the door to our small 3 room 2 bathroom apartment.

"I could get used to this " Niall said to Harry trying not to whisper. Me and Melissa looked like " is this really happening?"

"Yes , yes indeed" Harry replied.

" Sorry there isnt much in here and Niall there is only 1 or 2 huge bags of chips so go eat them when your ready sorry there isnt much "I told Niall in a funny voice but his jaw was down right when he herd the word chips.

"Well we are going to have to change that won't we Harry ?" Niall replied.

"Well of course how bout we go to the store and hook you lads  up with some goods?" Harry suggested.

" Well only if you want to " Melissa replied to there offer. " while you lads are doing that we will unpack a few things" Melissa added.

" Okay lads see you in a bit dont leave ,we want to get to know you lads before we have to go see  our families" Niall and Harry said while walking out the door. As soon as they closed the door and walked 2 steps me and Melissa were jumping up and down screaming with joy. Then we whent right to unpacking.We got to unpack our clothes and a few peices of furniture like a lamp,tv and a small table for the tv to lay on intil the boys come walking in.

"Were back hope you got some things done while we were gone" Harry said with loads of bags in his hands then Niall came in and had just a little bit more bags then Harry. They put them down on the kitchen island and started to unpack the many items some weren't even food items I think I saw a box of condoms but i could care less. While they were unpacking the food bags Me and Melissa went to our rooms and hung a few pictures on the walls then we went to the bathroom to put the toilet paper and soap in the needed areas.The boys come walking in and stand in the doorway staring at us then said "what can we do ?" like 4 year olds wanting to help there mom.

"Well what do you want to do ? " Melissa asked the boys. While I put the shampoo and conditoner in the shower.

" Well.... anything is fine." I could tell what Melissa was thinking. " Kiss me" But she never said that witch was a smart choice then it would become very awkward.

"You can unpack the kitchen table we got from our parents in the mail ." I suggested.

"Well that is perfect we are right at it" Harry said in his deep raspy voice.They did that within 20 minutes of then. Me and Melissa got as much as posible done when they were doing that we got our matresses in our room and the rest of our dressers that had no clothes in them yet. Niall got the chairs in the kitchen and then asked us what else to do. we answered " that is it were done no more to do yay!!" Harry asked within 2 seconds later of dead silence.

" Lets play truth or dare?"

" Ya perfect way to get to know everyone!" I replied without thinking what I was doing. We all agreed that it was going to be not very dirty but somewhat. Harry started of asking Melissa "truth or dare?" Melissa stupidly said truth. Harry asked her what her last name was "Clarson" Then it was my turn and I asked Harry " truth or dare? " and he said dare. I always wanted to dare him but now i can. " I dare you to say who you like the most in the room " he looked at me like " do I have to " and a smirk like "you" just didnt want to say anything . Then one thing led to another and 7  minutes in heaven started. Me and Harry got stuck together and i was so nervous so many  thoughts went in my mind but we just ended up making out on the floor and  7 minutes wasnt long enough. When it was Melissa's turn with Niall , I dont know what happened but lots of noise was coming out of that room. While they were in the room me and Harry made out more but we was looking for more and i stoped him from getting any farther and told him just not yet maybe later and he gave me the "call me " face but he never left or did Niall. Niall ended up on the couch and I think Harry ended up in the spare bedroom. When i woke up i smelt bacon and eggs like when i was younger. I ran down stairs to the kitchen and saw Harry and Niall cooking and they said

" hey gourgous! How did you sleep? Good i hope!!" Harry said. Niall was staring the bacon down like it would cook faster or something . Melissa came running down the small stairs screaming

" OMG OMG OMG you will never guess what I dreamed last night!" Melissa stopped in the kitchen were i was and saw Niall and Harry and said ...

"It wasnt a dream?" in her head i know she was thinking "omg yes!" We had breakfast or as little as Niall could spare and they left to go to thier families home. They gave us there address and wanted us to come but we said we would think about it. when they left we got in the shower and got all prittied up to go. Within 2 hours we were ready to go and we were just outside the door when we forgot to change out of our pjs. We looked like idiots and ran back inside. I put on jeans and very lacey tank top on that had ruffles. Melissa had her varsity jacket on with an m on it for her name and a cute silk tank top with pink and white on it with ruffles and a pair of black skinny jeans. We got a cab and we told the cab driver to go to a car rental we saw on our way from the airport so we go there and rent a car for a week. We get a gps installed into the car we got and went to Nialls house first. We were so nervous it took about 20 times of pacing back and forth from their front door to our car door. Finally I ring the door bell and I herd Nialls mom say

"shh everyone be quiet more crazed fans for Niall go hide " Niall knew we would come and he ignored her comment and opened the door and said

" Welcome Melissa and Katy to the Horan 's residence. " Niall said in a weird voice. We had lots of fun meeting Niall's family after 2 hours Niall took me and Melissa to Harry's house when Niall just walked in and said

" Harry we'er here a.k.a the hot Niall and HOTT Katy and Melissa ! " Me and Melissa felt like princesses when Niall said that. We stayed at Harry's house for 2 hours then we got really drunk and I don't remember the rest. The next morning I woke up with Harry besides me with him stoking my hair with him smiling like a freak. i stood up and i was waring  Harry's T-shirt with underware. Harry suggested we go wake up Niall and Melissa, I asked how ? Harry said he would play gituar and I sing or scream WAKE UP witch I sung it softly then I got louder then  I screamed it and they finally woke up. Harry and Niall had to go back to the studio and brung us to meet the band. We met them and they all were so glad they got girlfriends but me and Melissa didnt know we were dating them yet nor did Niall but Harry told them that we all hooked up and so thats how the thought but me and Harry we deffinitly dating. He treated me diffrent then he did Melissa like he out his arm around me when we were in the studio. But i didnt take his hand of i moved in for a kiss and he did to. Melissa was treated diffrently by Niall but she was to shy to kiss or hold hands with Niall but he understood. It started getting dark out so me and Melissa went home and passed out on the couch together. We both woke up at 8:52am from texts from Harry and Niall they had to go to Austraila for some interviews and promised they wouldnt tell anyone about us dating until we all were ready. They wernt comeing back for 2 months so we got confiturable.

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