The Hollywood Spotlight

Dawn Rossia an australian country girl in the middle of nowhere, sets her life out there to follow her big dream of walking on the catwalk. From winning a competition in a magazine she will be on her way to a once and a life time experience.


2. Chapter 1



I was sitting in a seat with lights and an Interviewer in front of me.                         

"So Rose how have you become so famous so quickly?"

The Interviewer asked. I froze, my legs were shaking only four people knew how my life had changed. I took a deep breath, and the flashback came running...

I was sitting at a bus stop waiting for the bus to take me home from school. The plastic seat was so cold, it gave everyone chills. I was really a fast runner back in the days, so i would always be early.I would listen to some of my playlists on my phone. I love music it's what makes my life special. My favourite playlist is full of One direction, P!nk and Katy perry.

As i listen to the songs my teeth start to chatter. The bus is more late then usual and the wind is picking up. I decide to grab my things and just walk home. As i walk my bones are getting colder then before so i decide to run. I run past shortcuts and dodging left and right, i lose my breath after around two blocks. "Halfway there." I whisper to myself. One of the places on the way home is the park. It has an old playground with heaps of graffiti and wrappers. One of my favourite scenes from the park is the old and rusty gazebo. It has comfy outdoor seats and glass surroundings. It's almost like a hut because it has a door but no one knows why. I guess it was built like that.

Around ten minuets later the wind settles down, i collect my things and hit the road. I start to run again. As i run i look at the old bit of town, i compare the houses to mine i live in a more modern house. As i'm running i see that i have about one block left to run down. Then as I'm running i am blinded by something that hits me it the face. As i have my hands covering over my left eye, i turn to see what hit me. It was a piece paper. No a magazine. A beauty magazine with my idol on the cover, Miranda Kerr an Australian Victoria's Secret model. As i look at the magazine i see front page talks about a competition, one about being on the runway. Only the popular girls at school would read this, so i shove it in my bag and walk the rest of the way.

It took me forty-five minutes to get home it takes me ten to fifth-teen minutes. As i get home i search my bag for my keys i unlock the door i hear a giant scream.


 Oh a cliff hanger 

Hope you guys liked my first chapter from my first Movella.

  Next time

               Leyla xoxo








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