The Hollywood Spotlight

Dawn Rossia an australian country girl in the middle of nowhere, sets her life out there to follow her big dream of walking on the catwalk. From winning a competition in a magazine she will be on her way to a once and a life time experience.


1. About Dawn Rossia

Dawn Rossia

Well good day folks from Australia. 


Im Dawn Rossia a 19 year old girl 


Im not that popular so this is some things about me


My favourite colours are Blue, Black and White


I have a poodle named Winston


I am a singer song writer


And i love to be on both sides of the camera


I just recently got my drivers license 


And i got my car two weeks ago 


I have now got a big story to tell the world


about how my life change by a sheet of paper. . .


My life is though out these pages. . .

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