Hi, my name is Jalynn. But all my friends call me Jay. I've recently experienced a great tragedy and I'm doing everything I can to put my life on track. But with auditions for the finest music school in the country coming up I just feel frustrated, alone, and upset. So when a boy enters the picture I'm completely flustered but it is way too late because I've already fallen head over heels for him. And this new relationship starts world war 3 with my Bestfriend since 1st grade.


2. Just breath

I slowly climbed out of the shower and as I put my pajamas on I take a quick glance in the mirror. My bright emerald eyes are still swollen and puffy from crying. My deep red hair, that looks a lot like my Dad's, falls over my chest and curls slightly at the tips. I miss him so much. I miss everyone so much. I don't realize I've collapsed to the floor in fetal position and crying hestarically until Chase slams through the door. Chase is tall and lean with blonde hair, but he is incredibly strong. He picks me up and sits me on the bed and holds me until I'm finished crying. The whole time I'm crying, he's stroking my hair and telling me just to breath. I've known Chase since I was in 1st grade. He was in the 2nd grade, but I later skipped 7th grade. We've been immediate friends since the first day we met. After what felt like days, I finally stopped crying and I looked up at him.
" I'm so sorry. For everything," I said through sobs " I know I can be a great pain but I want you to know that I am so greatful for you and your mother's care and generosity."
" Jay I've known you since you were 6. You've stayed at my house so many times." He replied in his usual deep voice. " Yeah, but this time I'm not going to have home to go to when I've gotten on Carol's last nerve." " Oh mom will be fine. You know she loves you like her own. Some days I think she likes you more than me." " That's not a hard thing to do." I said jokingly. He smiled.
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