Hi, my name is Jalynn. But all my friends call me Jay. I've recently experienced a great tragedy and I'm doing everything I can to put my life on track. But with auditions for the finest music school in the country coming up I just feel frustrated, alone, and upset. So when a boy enters the picture I'm completely flustered but it is way too late because I've already fallen head over heels for him. And this new relationship starts world war 3 with my Bestfriend since 1st grade.


1. Frozen

Sitting in the shower with the cool water just pouring over my head I start to feel better. As I stand up I realize that I was completely wrong. I collapse back to floor of my bath tub and start to cry. . . Again. I grab my razor, inching it toward my arm but my actions are interrupted by a knock on the door. I frantically dropped he sharp edged object. " Jay?! Are you okay? I heard a large crash." " I'm fine. I just dropped the shampoo bottle." I responded hoping I sounded confident and not like I had been crying just seconds before. " I know your lying." Crap. " Look Chase, I'll be okay. We can talk when I'm out of the shower." I waited cautiously. I sighed with relief when I heard reluctant footsteps.
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