Hi, my name is Jalynn. But all my friends call me Jay. I've recently experienced a great tragedy and I'm doing everything I can to put my life on track. But with auditions for the finest music school in the country coming up I just feel frustrated, alone, and upset. So when a boy enters the picture I'm completely flustered but it is way too late because I've already fallen head over heels for him. And this new relationship starts world war 3 with my Bestfriend since 1st grade.


3. Do you want to talk about it?

Chase takes my hand and we sit on the couch. " Do you want to talk about it?" " Not really. That's what I have a shrink for." I retorted. " But your shrink wasn't there. And your shrink hasn't known you forever. I have." I don't dare look at him. I keep my eyes focused on the stitching on the couch. " OK," he says slowly,"How about we talk about something else. How's your audition piece?" Shit. I forgot all about that. I'm auditioning for the best music school in the country at the end of summer. "It's coming along." I said, hoping he wouldn't see through my little white lie. Totall fail. "You haven't even started, have you?" "Not yet. I'm nervous and with everything happening lately its been hard to practice." I was desperately looking for an excuse to defend myself. " Well I definently want to get in for singing, but I don't know if I want to play my guitar or the piano for the audition." "I think you should play your guitar." He told me.
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