Hi, my name is Jalynn. But all my friends call me Jay. I've recently experienced a great tragedy and I'm doing everything I can to put my life on track. But with auditions for the finest music school in the country coming up I just feel frustrated, alone, and upset. So when a boy enters the picture I'm completely flustered but it is way too late because I've already fallen head over heels for him. And this new relationship starts world war 3 with my Bestfriend since 1st grade.


5. Beautiful stranger

When the appointment was over I stepped into the bathroom to collect my feelings and thoughts. 5 minutes later I was walking out the building feeling as confident as I could. I had never really told anyone how I felt about all of this and I hate to admit it but talking to that shrink really did make me feel better. I walked across the parking lot with my blue coach purse flung over my shoulder. My light brown cowboy boots really complemented my black leather jacket. I felt like someone was watching me again. I scanned my surrounding looking for anyone who looked suspicious even though I had no idea what a suspicious person looked like. I saw a group of girls a couple years younger than me. They didn't really look like the stalker types, just total sluts. I looked some more and I saw a guy that looked my age. He was beautiful and alone but I doubted he was watching me. I was completely unaware that I was standing in the middle of the road until a large black SUV rammed into the side of me. I'm not sure how long I was out but when I opened my eyes the driver was calling an ambulance, the group of girls were staring and pointing. And then I realized I had a pair of beautiful brown eyes gazing at me. I looked up at him wondering who this beautiful stranger was.
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