Hi, my name is Jalynn. But all my friends call me Jay. I've recently experienced a great tragedy and I'm doing everything I can to put my life on track. But with auditions for the finest music school in the country coming up I just feel frustrated, alone, and upset. So when a boy enters the picture I'm completely flustered but it is way too late because I've already fallen head over heels for him. And this new relationship starts world war 3 with my Bestfriend since 1st grade.


4. Another day, another appointment

I wake up the next morning sweaty with dried tears stuck to my face. But it was Thursday which meant I had my first appointment with Dr. Melanie Burch P.D. When I pull into the parking lot of her office I get the feeling that I'm being watched. I ignore my paranoia and walk into the office. Even though I'm 15 minutes early she is already ready to talk to me. "Hello Miss Burkely. Come on back." Her voice was annoyingly perky for 9 in the morning. I sit on the tan couch and wait for her to start talking. "My name is Dr. Melanie Burch, but you can just call me Melanie. Do you wAnt to talk about what's been happening?" "Not really, but I guess I have to." I sarcastically smiled at her. She just stared at me waiting for me to begin. I took a deep breath and started to talk. "My whole family was going on trip to Florida for the beginning of summer. And since I don't like planes-" "Why don't you like airplanes?" She interupted. " Because when I was 8 an airplane crashed into the house 3 doors down from where I lived." "And how did that make feel?" I looked at her like she was stupid. " I was 8 freaking years old! How do think I felt? I was scared as hell!!" So that was a little harsh but she was the moron who asked a stupid question. "Okay, please continue with why you are here." I took in another deep breath and continued. "Because I don't like planes my friend and I were going to drive there. My friend takes a lot of pictures and videos. He says he likes to capture the moment," tears were forming in my eyes " I was standing at the glass window wanting to make sure that they were going to be safe. And as I was turning around to go leave I saw in the reflection of his camera lens I saw the plane burst into flames," By this point the tears were steadily strolling down my face. "I spun around and started kicking the glass window, sreaming for my dad, my 3 sisters, my 2 brothers, my mom, my stepdad, my stepmom, and just plain yelling. I started yelling at the people who worked there and throwing chairs. Chase dropped his video camera and grabbed me and I sank into his arms and cried and watched my family slowly die."
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