Never Thought This Would Happen

This is my first story so pls read :)
So this is about Harry Styles' sister but not Gemma it's his twin sister, Allie, that was kidnapped when she was 15
Will Harry make Allie of limits to the other boys ?
What will happen when one of the boys falls for her ?
Read "never thought this would happen" to find out ! :D
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3. Is it love ?

Harry's POV
"Harry Allie is..... Pregnant " doctor Andrea said. "Shit !" I said. "I'm sorry Mr.Styles but she was raped by her kidnapper, she explained, but if Allie really wanted to she could have an abortion". "No she won't want to, she's never believed in abortion". Then I walked back out to the guys, they looked impatient. "Umm g-guys" I said stuttering because I was at the brink of tears. "Yeah haz" the guys said. "A-Allie's p-p-pregnant" I managed to say. The guys came up and hugged me, since now I was crying. "But how?" Zayn asked. "H-her kidn-napper r-raped her" I stuttered quietly. "Oh..sorry " Zayn said.

Allie's POV
I just woke up and there were tubes everywhere it was kinda scary. The doctor just went to get the boys . I couldn't wait to see Harry again. I heard a knock on the door. "Come in" I said politely. Then Harry ran in and hugged me I winced from the pain but them it subsided. The boustrophedon all looked sad,worried and angry. "Guys is everything ok ?" I asked. "Uhh not really" Harry said, he had tear stained on his cheeks. "What is it Harry ?" I asked again. "U-um Al you, your" Harry said before bursting into tears then he ran outside an got really angry. Zayn ran out to try an calm him down. "Ill tell u Allie oh and by the way my name is Liam" Liam explained. "Ok hi Liam, what was Harry so upset about ?" I asked once again. "We'll this might be a little hard to take in but umm Allie ur pregnant" Liam said. I think I stopped breathing for a second then I just started crying. I knew Benjamin had raped me but I didn't think I would get pregnant. "Guys can u come out here for a minute, oh but one of you stay with Allie" Zayn said from the doorway. "Ill stay" a boy with brown hair and really nice blue eyes said. I was still crying. "Hi I'm louis" louis said as he pulled a chair next to the bed. "H-hi" I managed to say. "Shh you don't have to speak" louis said. He was so sweet. I don't know what happened but I started hugging him and crying into his shoulder, I must of been wetting his shirt but he didn't seem to mind. I know I only met him like what 2 hours ago or something but it just felt right. I was still crying a little until I said "can you please sit up here with me ?". "Sure" louis said and I moved over and he sat down on the bed. I just hugged him and finally fell asleep.

Louis POV
"Can u please sit up here with me ?" She asked. "Sure" I replied. She moved over a little and I sat down next to her. She hugged fell asleep hugging me then Harry walked back into the room with a cast on his foot and he looked really angry. He didn't realise Allie was asleep and started yelling. Allie woke up and put her head in my chest. "Harry shut up your scaring Allie !" I said sternly. "Oh sorry Allie" Harry said. "It's ok Harry but what happened to your foot ?" Allie said. "Well when I was about to tell u the news I just got really sad and angry so I started kicking a concrete ledge thing, then I broke my foot doing that so they put the cast on" Harry explained. Allie laughed and so did I. "I'm glad you both think me braking my foot it funny" Harry said. " oh Harry you still haven't introduced everyone to Allie" I said. "Oh yeah I completely forgot, Al this louis, Liam,Niall and Zayn" Harry said as e pointed to everyone. "Hi guys" Allie said. Just then the nurse walked back in. "Ok Allie should get some rest now but 2 of you can stay if u like" she said. "Harry and Louis can you please stay with me ?" Allie asked. "Of course" me and Harry both said. "Thanks um louis can I please lean on you ?" Allie asked. "Uh sure Allie" I said. Then she fell asleep again.

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