Never Thought This Would Happen

This is my first story so pls read :)
So this is about Harry Styles' sister but not Gemma it's his twin sister, Allie, that was kidnapped when she was 15
Will Harry make Allie of limits to the other boys ?
What will happen when one of the boys falls for her ?
Read "never thought this would happen" to find out ! :D
xo <3


2. Escape

Allies POV
"Benjamin please stop !" I screamed while he was hitting and punching me. "Shut up you little bitch I'm just having some fun" he said with a grin. I started yelling and crying I was suprised I still had tears in me after crying almost everyday for the past 3 years. Then I kicked him where it hurts he doubled over in pain but didn't fall over, so I quickly kicked him again and he fell over. He was calling me a slut, whore, cunt and bitch but I just ignored him and tried to stand, I fell back down because I was so weak, so I crawled over to the door, it was a struggle to open the door cause there was a lock, I finally got that open and opened the door. I stood up but was really wobbly, I tried to ignore the fact that I was stumbling as I ran. I ran and ran and ran till I was out on the street.

Harry's POV
I was with the lads just chilling. We had just gotten Starbucks and were walking around outer London since we didn't want to be swarmed by the fans. Just then someone, a girl who looked about my age, ran into me and fell over. "Oh I'm so sorry I should've bee- wait ALLIE !? Is that you?" I asked. "Harry ?! Oh my god it's really you !" She shouted. We hugged for a bit then one of the guys cleared his throat. I moved back a bit so the guys could come and see Allie. We say in a kind of circle thing, I was next to Allie, louis on the other side of her and the rest of the guys on next to us. Just then Allie turned pale and looked dizzy, then she fainted luckily louis caught her. "Guys quick we should get her to the hospital!" Liam said even thought he had no idea who she was. I hadn't told anyone about Allie only my family and I knew about her. I decided I'd tell the guys later.

Allies POV
This has to be a dream, I just escaped from my kidnapper then found my long lost twin brother ! This is the best day of my life, I'm being serious. There were some boys with Harry I was guessing they were all friends. After me and Harry hugged for a bit Harry was just about to introduce the boys I think but then I feeling kinda sick and dizzy. Crap ! How much blood was I loosing then I blacked out.

Harry's POV
I was crying in the car and at the hospital, I think the boys were a bit confused because I was crying over someone that they thought I didn't know. I have to tell them. "Hey guys?" I said. I got a chorus of yes's and yeahs. "Well the girl in the hospital is my twin sister" I said they all gave me confused and interested faces, so I continued. " She was kidnapped when we were 15" I said. "Wow, Niall said, I kinda thought she might of been like an ex-girlfriend or something". When Niall said that I started choking on my spit. The guys started laughing and so did I. "Are you all here for Ms. Styles ?" Doctor Andrea said. I quickly stood up and said yes. "Ok which one of you is Mr Styles?". She asked "me" I said quickly. "Great I need to have a word with about Allie, just follow me". We walked into a little office thing and then Doctor Andrea said " ok well allies is doing fairly well it's just that se lost a lot of blood and has a lot of cuts and bruises" I nodded and said "anything else ?" "Umm yes it's a bit of bad news" doctor Andrea said. I looked at her for her to continue. I was getting a little worried when she said "bad news".
"Harry, Allie is........

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What's wrong with Allie ?
Keep reading to find out
Thank you to whoever has read this and feel free to comment
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