Never Thought This Would Happen

This is my first story so pls read :)
So this is about Harry Styles' sister but not Gemma it's his twin sister, Allie, that was kidnapped when she was 15
Will Harry make Allie of limits to the other boys ?
What will happen when one of the boys falls for her ?
Read "never thought this would happen" to find out ! :D
xo <3


1. Allie Styles

Hi I'm Allie Styles, im 18 and I'm Harry Styles' twin sister. Although I haven't seen Harry or any of my family for 3 years now. I was kidnapped when I was 15 by a man his name is Benjamin Carder. He abuses me, sexually and physically and has been for the past 3 years. I have cuts and bruises everywhere and I'm actually starting to think ill never get out of this place. I don't actually know here I am because when Benjamin kidnapped me I was blindfolded.
oh no I've got to go Benjamin's coming. Byee

A/N hi guys if u read this thanks so much pls tell me if its good or not
There is another chapter and will be up really soon !
:D xx <3
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