The secret of Sherlock Holmes.

Sophia closely watches Sherlock Holmes solve his cases. Just trying to find his secret. His, well major weakness. But when her sister is killed by his enemy, will sherlock be the only one to help? Even if she would feel like punching him in the face? And would she have to encounter such a strange man? BBC Sherlock fan fic. I'm in love with this t.v show and encourage people to watch it. Sherlock and John Watson are actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman


5. Weird and mysterious

The man with the bloody hands crawled into the apartment like a centipede. Sherlock stood up carefully observing. "Asking the obvious, what exactly happened? And DON'T be boring." He began to tell us the story of how his kids were kidnapped and the kidnapper shot him. "I didn't know who else to go to. See I was at-" sherlock cut him off. "Yes I know all about it. Now did you see this man?" He shook his head. "Of course not. James always likes to play games. Most likely a masked person. Some one he hired." Sherlock was pacing. He looked deep, very deep in thought. I closed my eyes and sighed. Someone James hired? If I found out this someone, could it be the person who killed my sister? I put my hand under my chin and found my self walking to my room deep in thought like Sherlock. "Sophia, were going to a crime scene! Come on!" I rushed downstairs desperate to know about this...this mystery. The three of us caught a taxi and went to the place the man told us. Sherlock and I were lost in thought while John was sitting in the middle clueless. What was Moriarty in it for? Money? Or just humiliation? This world has gotten dangerous and all the people in it had some mystery about them. But Moriarty. He was different. He seemed to be too dangerous. When we arrived at the crime, there was caution tape in one area that I suppose was a crime scene. "Hello freak", a lady said at the edge leaning on a police car. "Hello Donavan", Sherlock simply said ignoring the insult. I walked into the circle of "caution" words all over the place. John and I watched as sherlock did all the work just doing what he does. "So Sherlock, anything new?", John asked. "Yes lots, John just thinking." I ran up to my room about to burst out into tears. I missed my sister so much. She was everything to me. John walked into the room wondering what was wrong. "My sisters gone and I don't know what else to do." He nodded. John was always there for me. These days he was my best friend. He moved closer to my body and kissed my cheek. Then walked out of the room. I remained frozen solid.
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