The secret of Sherlock Holmes.

Sophia closely watches Sherlock Holmes solve his cases. Just trying to find his secret. His, well major weakness. But when her sister is killed by his enemy, will sherlock be the only one to help? Even if she would feel like punching him in the face? And would she have to encounter such a strange man? BBC Sherlock fan fic. I'm in love with this t.v show and encourage people to watch it. Sherlock and John Watson are actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman


6. Just another case

Sherlock, John and I arrived at the hospital Sherlock uses his samples and does most of his work there at precisely 9:00 am the next morning. "Hello Molly", Sherlock said in a bit of a rush. Molly nodded in his direction and smiled. He didn't smile back or even look at her. Huh, I thought. How rude. Molly's smile disappeared In a matter of seconds clearly disappointed. "So", She said. "Who are you?" I smiled trying very hard to make a good impression unlike Sherlock, who was already looking under a microscope. I gave John a look. But he was busy attending Sherlock. "Oh sorry. I'm Sophia. Another one of And I assume you are...Molly is it?" She nodded her head. But not the slightest sign of a smile. I frowned. "Sherlock is there anything at all I can do?", Molly asked. "No, I'm fine thank you", Sherlock said. He was examining a peice of concrete he had as a "sample" and put the small peice under the lenses. I was beginning to think Molly liked Sherlock. I mean he was good looking. But it always seemed as if she were trying to get his attention. "John, go do all the research you can about Ben Bishop, the man that gave us this case?", Sherlock said without looking up. John sighed and walked out of the lab. "So", Molly said to Sherlock. "Later do you want some coffee Sherlock?" He looked up from the lenses and smiled. "Black two sugars please", and he went back to his work. "Ok", she said with a bit of a shy smile. She looked at me and left. Huh. I had no idea whatsoever why she was so ignorant around me. "Sophia can you anwser my text on my phone?" Sherlock asked less harsh because I was new to this group. I looked at him confused. "Where?", I asked curious. "Left jacket pocket", he said right after. I hesitated. What does he mean? Oh...he means to get the phone from his left jacket pocket. I went to retrieve it. "Text from Mycroft Holmes. I assume your brother?" "Yes, very good. Delete it." I pressed the delete button on his iPhone. "That's it." I placed the phone back into his jacket pocket firmly. "Oww, careful", he said. I hesitated pressed his phone against his firm chest. The pulled my hand out looking at him. "What?", he said without looking up. "Oh, nothing", I said with my cheeks turning bright red. Then Molly came in with the coffee. "Ah, Molly coffee", Sherlock said excepting it greatly. "Thank you." She smiled. "Do you want some lunch later on." Sherlock looked up. "No", he said. "So Molly what about the gym teacher your sleeping with?", Sherlock said. "Sorry what?", she said confused. "Well it's obvious because you changed your hairstyle, obviously a Christmas Eve dinner tonight am I wrong?" Of course not. Molly looked at the ground. "You keep refreshing your lipstick and checking your reflection, an giving us the up straight confident face instead of the sideways glance you always give us. You had your nails recently painted-not done by you? Well-" "Sherlock", I said obviously wanting him to stop, but he kept going. "You ask me if I want lunch, which you know the anwser to. I never or barely eat anything during a case-" "Sherlock", I said very firm this time. Molly was frozen in her spot shocked. Sherlock looked at me, then sighed. "I'm sorry Molly. Happy Christmas Eve." He kissed her on the cheek and contiued to work. Yup. Just another case.
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