The secret of Sherlock Holmes.

Sophia closely watches Sherlock Holmes solve his cases. Just trying to find his secret. His, well major weakness. But when her sister is killed by his enemy, will sherlock be the only one to help? Even if she would feel like punching him in the face? And would she have to encounter such a strange man? BBC Sherlock fan fic. I'm in love with this t.v show and encourage people to watch it. Sherlock and John Watson are actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman


2. Finding a new home

"Sophia...", someone whispered. Someone familiar. But someone I had met recently. "Sophia", the man said a bit louder. "Mmmm", I mumbled. My body was in pain. I had no idea why. My eyelids flicked open. "What happened?", I nearly yelled. I was breathing so hard and my heart was beating so fast I could feel my pulse in my feet. I looked over at the man seated next to me. Now I remember. I had bumped into Dr. John Watson before...oh. The explosion. I had gone to check on my sister and...some explosion went on. "Sophia are you ok?", John asked. "No", I said looking around the room. Probably his and Sherlocks flat. Like my sister and I shared a flat even though she was 29 and I was 26. "I have to see my know...check on her." My sister was the best relative Ive ever had, well besides my two male cousins. They were the best. John shook his head. "Sophia, I don't know how to put this, but, well-" he took a deep breath. "Your sister, Juliana, died in the explosion." I burst out into tears. My older sister, the one who cared for me and the only relative I really heard from and lived with, was now dead. Tears were streaming down my face. I buried my face in my hands and cried. Eventually, John pulled me into a hug. I had sobbed for hours and thought the only thing I had on my mind. How could God do this to me? Eventually John left me in the room and I finally cried myself to sleep. And the worst part about it was I had a dream. Not as bad as a nightmare. Just a dream. I opened my eyes and found out I was Lying on the concrete. I felt miserable and was ready to just die. I turned my body to face a man. Fancy suit, polished shoes. A rich man. A name came to my head aside with hate. Moriarty. I had no knowledge of actually what he had done to make me hate him so much, but I just did. "You know", he said. He had a normal British accent like the rest of us. Deep voice. Well combed hair. "The building was very easy to blow to rubbish." Now I knew. This man... This man blew up my sister. This man was now my enemy. I shot up from the bed nearly falling off. I stabilized myself and called John. He cracked open the door and looked at me with concern. "Are you alright?" He asked. "Yes-" he snapped up his head. "Good. Now if you would, you should come meet sherlock. He would like to meet you. And if he's a bit rude, ignore him. Ill make you tea." He walked out. Well at least I would get to meet Sherlock Holmes. I slipped my jeans on feeling the worn denim. They were skinny jeans but not too skinny. Just right. I walked out to find sherlock reading the newspaper on a chair. "Um, hello", I said. He looked up. "Hi...who are you?" John brought the tea he made and handed it to me. I accepted it gratefully. "Sorry what?", I asked. "I said who are you?" I looked at John. "She's a friend of mine. She just lost her sister in the explosion. We think it was a gas leak." He raised his head. "Ah, well I'm sorry to hear that." He looked back at the paper. Kind of rude to end a discussion like that. John shot me a look saying he does that. I shrugged. But yet there was still something I wanted to say. "I don't think it was a gas leak, the explosion." This time I got Sherlock to raise his head again. "If not, then what?", he asked. "Well I think it was caused by a person. Someone trying to attrack attention or something." He set the newspaper down and put his hands together thinking. "Do you have any place to stay? No, of course you don't. Your sister is the only one you ever had in contact. Your other relatives, probably don't care. You are unhappy with your life currently and do not know what to do with it. You work with the job you simply hate just to support you and your sister. But your sister is gone now and you are thinking of suicide. Well don't because you could be very helpful. Now are you going to move in?" I looked at him blankly for just a small second. Then asked, "How did you- Yes. Ill move in thank you." He smiled. "Sherlock Holmes. Consulting detective. And you are?" "Sophia Wright. I'm a doctor like John." He nodded. I smiled at him...and he returned it.

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